Where Oh Where Has My BIG Af Gone

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Tink75 - May 16

Like the t_tle of the question huh? lol I gota have alittle sence of humor this morning; ya got to when it's 5am. Anywhoo, just updating here....STILL no af, today I am on CD 41; so that makes me 10 days late only cuz I'm usually every 31 days. I had light spotting on April 24th and lasted a week BUT throughout that week of spotting, I don't think I could have filled 1 pad...it was just like *a drop here, a drop there* that's it. All day Sunday I had this weird pressure in my lower belly and tried peeing ALL day to get rid of it...didn't work. Yesterday I had a little bit of cramping off and on but that's it. I still have little bit of the pressure, but it doesn't hurt or anything, just annoying. I have taken a few hpts and all negitive, the last one I took was I think Saturday (I was a week late) and at first it was - then when I looked later to throw it away it was a faint + but since it was over 10 minutes I'm taking it as a negitive. Since I had that werid spotting on the 24th, I'm going to wait til next week *the 24th* and test again if no af shows up. When I was pregnant with my son, I had blood taken when I was 3 weeks along with him and the ER said I wasn't pregnant so....it makes me think. Have a nice day ladies! ~*~*~Baby Dust~*~*~


LadyD - May 16

Good luck, Tink. My af is due today, no sign yet. I know what you mean about ER's or dr.'s being wrong. I had 2 mandatory tests 1 wk. apart, 1at 3 wks, 1 at 4 wks, both said negative, I was forced into another test (not physically- I was in the Army and doing too much complaining & got lazy, which is not me), come to find out I was 10 wks.! Crazy, huh?


linds99 - May 16

Maybe it is the same case this time as it was with your son? Have you had your blood checked for HCG AND progesterone levels? When would you do that if you haven't-like how late will you go before you actually take a blood test? What are your temps like early in the morning when you wake?



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