Where On Ur Stomach Do U Start Showing

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first timer - March 8

ive had alot of pregnancy signs and now im quite certain that i am becoz im starting to show a little bit just above my bellybutton. is that where u suppose to start showing or is it down the lower ab?


krissy - March 8

every woman is differant. i, unfortunatly, gained 70lbs in my pregnacy. i didnt show till i was 5mo pregnate. i have seen woman showing at 3mo. so i can just say every woman shows at differant times. but i did start to gain weight very early. but not in my stomach.


MandyD - March 8

Early on, most of the "showing" you see is below the belly b___ton. This is because the uterus is growing upward from below the belly b___ton.


Paige - March 8

will it feel any different than normal when ur only a few weeks along?


got it from jb,,,,,,,,,sue - March 8

go to www.freefertilityfriend.com for all answers about pregnancy


MandyD - March 8

It will start to feel firmer around your belly b___ton, after a few weeks.


want a baby - March 8

i think i am about 8 to 9 weeks and i am showing alot. i look like i am 3 to 4 months. but im not.i ask people do i look fat or pregnant? and they do say pg cuz its hard not flabby. and i do agree but i do find it weird cuz this is my 4th kid. but i did show early for my other kids but not this bad.!


MandyD - March 8

Maybe it's more than one wantababy! Wouldn't that be an adventure!! Good luck!


Becky - March 8

Can you feel that all the time? or more when you stand up vs. sitting down.


want a baby - March 8

you know you are not the only person that has said that cuz my aunts are twins!!! well l'll find out on the 16th.i guess or when do you guy think they would be able to find out??? this will be my first visit to see her. and sinces its been so long since i have been pregnant it just feels soooo werid you know what i mean.so can anyone tell me will i be about to find out that day if its twins or not.??????


bump - March 8



Tina - March 9

Im showing below my belly b___ton.


lina - March 10

if your stomach is showing then you are about 2-3 months pregnant if not more you should see a Dr.


* - March 10

not necessarily true...it's different for every woman..ur lower abdomen can start to buldge bc of bloating or u could be gaining fat...so it is possible to start to feel a little bigger in that area before 2-3 months...


annie - March 12

this is my first pregnancy so i like to learn everything. i have a bit of a bulge just above my belly b___ton and if feels quite firm, im just thought it should be bulging below the ab?



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