Which AF Do I Count As Last One

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dumbfounded - May 12

ok AF's were all normal 30 day cycles up until mar 16 that was light 4 days, same as april 14, both months had light flow only in mornings, then spotting last 2.. ( I normally flow 6-7 days) then on Apr 25 had thick white CM in Morn only and only when I wiped.. then clear cm from 26-1 of may.. then on May 2 I started early af... again.. light flow only in morning then brownish red spotting last 2 days..now.. I am supposed to start Normal af on May 13th.. which one do I use.. the 2nd of may or wait til the 13th.. OMG I am so confused it isnt funny.. I have been late for AF yrs and yrs ago.. BUT NEVER 12 days early.. 3 days ago I noticed Blue veins running thru my chest, down to BBS and around.. on my thighs down to Knees.. I just dont feel right.. I feel like I have an u pset tummy this morn.. but not like I wanna throw up.. just ickky.. my BBS were very sore up until the 2nd when that early af showed up.. I been looking all over the net to see what I could find out.. and nothing.... Hubby and I dont have any insurance, so I cant go to a doctor :( please girlsss this is making me crazy.. can someone please help me..


dumbfounded - May 12

also, I forgot to mention.. I been waking up with dull headaches last 3 mornings as well.. nose has been real stuffy.. I dont know if its a cold or what... thanks again


aimee - May 12

whenever you bled last is what i would count. a few months ago i had almost the same thing. i thought a few times when i had a very light period on day 23 of my cycle (i have a 35 day cycle and am never early) that it was implantation. but, it wasnt. :( good luck. as for the cold symptoms, its probably just a cold.


? - May 12



?? - May 12



superbadchick - May 12

I had an irregular one too. March 22- 3 days, came back March 29 for 8 days, April 8 for 1 day, & april 12 for 2 days. So I wasn't sure which one to count from, but got it again may 9- 28 days from the last one, but this one was only 2 days. I am usually a 5-7 day person, so trust me - you arent the only one going through this.


hello - May 12

i do not know which period to count from, but i would test and see. i also would go to planned parenthood for a test. you can also call around to various obgyn's and ask their prices for blood work and ultra sounds. they are usually happy to tell you. i don't have insurance myself, and that's what i did when i was concerned i was pregnant - it turned out i was not becuase i had a perfectly normal period. sometimes the obgyn might even be able to work with you on the price. there are also in some states, state funded programs where depending on your income you either pay a small sum (small compared to what delivery costs) or nothing at all depending on your and your husbands income. because if you are pregnant it is important that your go to the doctor for prenatal care!!! don't worry - and good luck to you!!


hello - May 12

to superbadchick - have you tested positive?


dumbfounded - May 12

thank u.. I am just so scared.. I have no IDEA what is goin on with me.. I have been regular for yrs and yrs.. this has never happened to me before. So I didnt know with all this "weird" stuff goin on, if I should just a__sume May 13th is the day I should be expecting AF or now should I wait til June 2.. today I been feeling ickky all day.. sorta out of it.. tired.. , shakey.. So do u think I should test this weekend if nothing happens.. or wait til the 2nd of June.. thanks again



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