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j. - June 15

i've already asked this, but didn't get much feedback. is it possible to O exactly a week later than expected or thought? mid cycle & had the O cramps on 6/4. one week later on 6/11, had plenty of ewcm. we covered all bases for both days, but i'm still confused as to what O day i should go by! should it be 6/4 or 6/11?? please help. thanks much!!


LN030905 - June 15

sure u can ovulate earlier or later than expected...do u temp or use opks? Dh and I arent really trying anymore but the last month we tried, I used opk's..i never did get a positive opk, but i quit using them on cd 42 and my cycle was 62days! So...i probably just stopped testing too soon..but still if u temp it could help ya out more! Good luck!! How ya been j? Long time no talk!


j. - June 15

Hi LN. thanks for the reply. i've been good. what happened? why aren't u and dh still ttc?


LN030905 - June 16

Welll...we just decided to take a break..we arent preventing though..lol..so, basically, were just not stresssing over it. My body is so wacked up right now that its hard to figure days and things out..were just leaving it up to God as to when I get preg. Im young, got plenty of time..but I cant wait! LOL!


shalyn - June 16

Hi J. I got some really good advice last night about the O day and thought I should share. What day was your last lmp?, and how long are your cycles? are you usually regular? I had a similar question because I supposedly O'd on the 9th but had ewcm that started on the 7th. Then I did another O calculator and it said I should have O'd on the 11th which seemed more correct for me. Well anyway, if your cycles are regular count back 14 days from the day you are expecting AF this month and that will most likely be the day you O'd. This method has something to do with luteal phases and such but I don't know much about that, I'm just using the method someone told me. For example I have a 30 day cycle and my lmp was 5/26 which means I should expect AF on 6/24 and counting back 14 days from that would mean I O'd on 6/11 which seems about right. Of course allow a couple days +/- but it shouldn't be a whole week difference. Hope this helps.


shalyn - June 16

Almost forgot....I have had alot of cm since the 7th which isn't typical for me. I heard that could be a sign, so if the 4th was indeed the day you O'd then maybe the ewcm a week later is a symptom....wishful thinking!


Danielle26 - June 16

Um, actually, not everyone ovulates 14 days back from the next period. My luteal phase is usually 16 or 17 days. The ovulation calendars just go by the average woman......but how many of us on this board are the average? :)


Lin - June 16

Yes, it's definitely possible to ovulate a week later than expected. The first "two weeks" are variable. Some women also get ewcm a few days before their period (and hence after ovulation). I've had it then before. I know I say this all the time, but if you really want to pinpoint your ovulation day, the best thing you can do is temp. Or, while opks are not definitive, since they can't confirm ovulation has actually occurred, they'd at least give you an idea of which time is more probable. Good luck!


j. - June 16

thank you so much ladies. well, my cycles are pretty regular(30/31 days). I believe af i'm expecting af on 6/19 or 6/20..


j. - June 16

hello again ladies. well since i figured i should go by o date of 6/4 and since af is to show in a few days....if in fact we succeeded this month, shouldn't i be feeling somewhat of a symptom? hmmmm....we'll see..


LadyD - June 16

j., not everyone gets symptoms so you should still have some hope. Actually, you should be happy you don't have any if you do happen to be pg. Could you imagine gagging everytime you look at food or throwing up or hating your favorite foods...not a pretty site...lol.


j. - June 16

thanks for giving me hope LadyD. =) i don't want to obsess over the slightest feeling i get....haha



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