Which Is The Best Thread To Join

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Meghan - November 23

I've seen many things about the Turkey O and Baby Poops, I want to choose a good group. Any thoughts on who to go with? I feel like I am in college choosing a sorority. I think the Poops are the lucky group, but the Turkey O seems like fun too....any thoughts from any member or non members. I just want to be in the best group.Thanks in advance.


hmm - November 23

weird...i didnt know this was the most important thing here. why dont you join both, and see which one YOU like the best. ha ha...bet you dont know which one i am in. good luck!


Either - November 23

They both seem like great groups. You can pick the one you like best or start posting to both and then decide, or even stay with both.


*X* - November 23

Are you serious? Well, if they're mutually exclusive, then I'd say that neither is worth joining. If not, then like the others say, join both!


Chriss - November 24

This is rediculous. I don't mean to offend anyone, but I've been around this board for almost a year and a half and there is no one group that is better than another. Granted there are many hateful and rude comments that most of us could definately live without, so if you avoid these threads, any of the other "group" should be great. There are loads of regular posters on the board and most are thrilled to include new comers on the threads so check around and join in as many as you wish and whichever ones that you are the most comfortable in. Good luck to you and loads of baby dust to all!!!


~~~ - November 24

Meghan-Join the group that you feel the most comfortable with. There are a ton of great ladies here. Please ignore the mean people...they don't represent us all. Good luck


Deb - November 24

Meghan, start your own group. There is too much mess going on with both groups. I started my own thread a couple of months ago, and got a great group of women supporting me who were at the exact same point in there cycle as me. I also got my BFP that month. The clique thing is getting out of control, so just go your own way.


Jenny - November 24

Meghan, I am from the turkey day o thread and both of these groups are good ones, I am all the time reading the baby poops thread and they are pretty funny, so really you could pick either. Everyone will help you with your ttc.



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