Which Test To Buy Any Suggestions

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keerthy - February 11

hi ladies.... i am 12 days late and tested negative on tesco Hpt on 9th day..... I cannot bear another disappointment... so wanted ur advice in which test to buy? you think I should go for a cheap one on Ebay or buy first response?


lastchance - February 11

The FRER has always been good, but the dollar tree tests seem to work just as good most of the time.


keerthy - February 11

thank u last chance..... was planning to buy FRER... hope thats First Response.... ???!!!???


brads wifey - February 11

Hi Keerthy - I like the dollar tree ones because they work and when I get a BFN, I'm not as upset about wasting $1 as I am $15. lol


Sandy81 - February 11

hey. does n e one know why the Equate tests have had a bad rep?


keerthy - February 11

i just ordered for first response on ebay...... will test as soon as i get them!


BabyBunting - February 11

Have any of you tried CVS' version of the First Response test? Just wondered if they were reliable or not.


IrishButterfly - February 11

I've never had a problem with the Equate hpt, so I don't know. This is the first I've heard of them having a bad rep. You could always try Answer brand, they're cheap too.


Jezebel - February 11

keerthy i bought a whole bucket load of dip strip tests on babycreation.com...for the price of 1 test at the store you can get lik 25


BeckyBunny - February 11

most generic store brands have a bad rep because they don't detect reliably until hcg is at around 100. Equate especially has a history of false positives. The dollar store/tree/general tests are pretty reliable. First Response Early Result is definitely the best.


Sandy81 - February 11

ok ive been hearing lots of first response. i suppose the dollar store ones are good in betweens in case of one of the two first responsese being a negative. ive never heard of 'answer' tho.



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