White CM

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Kim - April 6

I am 10 days past ovulcation. (I am the one who posted that I successfuly ovulated on my fisrt cycle of clomid) Anyway, my temps have been elevated the past ten days and I have symptoms like my period is coming. Also, I have a lot of milky mucus. Does anyone know if white milky mucus is a sign of pregnancy.


Trisha - April 6

Yes Kim it is, Good luck


char - April 6

kim, i share ur situation .. i hv yet to past my af w is suppose to b 11 Apr. not sure when is my dpo but definitely sure it has past. only hope tat when we bd we meet the ov days coz after tat, i exper dry days for abt a wk, then i had a big blob of elastic discharge, then dry again & since yesterday, i start to feel wet & jus, i found some milky though not sticky discharge. keepin fingers cross tat indeed i rec the baby dust - baby dust to u too :))


stacey - April 7

Am also having the white creamy cm. Hoping it's a good sign- af is due sat. I think! Crossing my fingers!


bump - April 7



chandra - April 7

hi all ...my situation is the same as you but I am having somewhat of an abdominal cramping/fluttering and with the white cm...my af would be anytime this week....baby dust to to all of us...I am hoping this is not just PMS


J - April 7

Kim, I am 11 dpo (I think as I am struggling to pinpoint my ov) and I have had a lot of white cm for the last two days. I really hope this is it as dh and I have been trying for the past 6 months. Good luck and baby dust to all ttc


erica - April 7

When you mean alot of cm. Do you check your underwear or do you insert your finger to check. Im confused.


duh! - April 7

erica you cant help but see it on your underwear if you have cm!!


To Erica - April 8

I didn't think it was a silly question because I am pregnant and I didn't have any on my underwear - only when I checked it with my finger!!


char - April 8

i exp more yesterday but today seems little .. hope not af symptons .. v stress .. BABY BABY DUST DUST tou all !



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