White Nipples Dark And Enlarged Aureolas And Not Pregnant

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Expecting a baby - February 21

Can you have white nipples, dark and enlarged aureolas, as well as some blue veins in br___ts and not be pregnant. Moreover, a thick, milky, creamy discharge for about a month now. I feel always wet and feeling that my a/f just started? Negative u/s, 2 1/2 months late for period???


Expecting a baby - February 21

I am giving my best of it. I am in progesterone these days, and I have one MORE u/s in about 10 days, BUT this time v____al one. Interesting, hu???


Expecting a baby - February 21

Just to inform you that I will change my name to "Spring" because I was so annoyed from doctors and than I put that name "Expecting a baby".


lyla - February 21

Sugarpie is so funny.......I just cranked up when I read what she tpyed. But she is right, many women go through the waiting game before getting that rewarding BFP!! Welcome


Sam - February 21

omg sugerpie u make me laugh hun! pull ya seat up next to mine if you like expecting i been here a while! (we all have :-( ) i missed my AF in jan had a very very ligh one this month no pad needed but its lasted 9 days and still hasnt stopped!!!!! theres only a tiny bit when i wipe! weird huh! I also have sore nipples and blue and red veins all over my b___bs! 3 hpts all neg!! i cant take it any more!!


Grandpa Viv - February 21

The literature says a midwife can palpate the uterus at 8 weeks and give a pretty good opinion. I'm going to have to ask my doc about this. On another subject, he said that the old timers could do amazing things with their hands, but now that testing has come along, they have forgotten the old ways. I remember one old timer who felt me over and detected a bump which puzzled him - it was a gall bladder that gave me a bad time ten years later.


Spring - February 22

To Grandpa VIV. It is amazing all these dissapointments. However, I want to share with you one experience. Before two months I visited one old lady that does abdominal ma__sage and she told me that she could feel my uterus so acording to her opinion I was pregnant. If I was pregnant before two months, u/s would detect that pregnancy for milion percent. Also I visited a fortune telling lady and she told me that I am pregnant and she asked me not to go to the dr's because they will give me tablets and my baby will become in bits and pieces with my period flow. And I didn't listen to her, I went to a doctor for u/s, he didn't see anything so he gave me tablets to induce my cycle. I am taking them (progesterone) which are not harmful even for prego women. I hope that it will not happen as a fortune telling lady told me. I just wanted to share this story with you and I would appreciate comments. (Women do know how to stress themselves more,isn't it??)


Spring - February 22



Sm - February 28

I had the exact same symptoms and went to the doctor today to take a urine test, and it came out negative, but the doc still wanted to have a look, so she did a v____al exam and turns out that I have Pelvic Inflammatory Disease. I am devistated and if it's not any better inthe next 2 days, I will have to be put in the hospital with possible surgery. hope that you found out what it is!



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