White Nipples White Pimples Around Nipples

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Christine - January 27

I have tested negative twice on HPS and once on blood test at doctor's office (<2). I agree that the other symptoms I am having can all be in my head. However, for a week or so now, I have been getting white pimples around my nipples and my nipples actually turn white off and on. I know this isn't in my head. Anyone else experience such symptoms without being pregnant? What was it? I read it could be increased prolactin which can cause anovulation and missed periods. I will be forty in less than a month. Is this a sign of early menopause? I would love to hear from anyone else who has had such symptoms. Pregnant or not. I am on day 41 of my cycle. Thanks!


Christine - January 28



sarah - January 28

hi i have the same problem i think i might be pregnant its normaly a sign of pregnancy.


ekay - January 28

It could be a sign of pregnancy, however I believe it is also a result of any hormonal changes. I would go to you dr. Good luck


Grandpa Viv - January 28

Google Montgomery tubercles.


Christine - January 29

Grandpa Viv - Thanks for the google search. I believe I am either pregnant and just not testing positive yet, or I am going through a hormonal change due to my age (39+++) and that is causing my prolactin levels to fluxuate. I sure hope I am pregnant! If I am not, I sure hope my period comes soon as I could sure use a stiff drink!!! :-)


deedee9119 - January 24

I am only 17 (and married) and I have missed 1 period and am a day late again...(so im on day 61 with no periods yet) I had a negative test last month.... but my nipples are white too... and its weird.. I would like to know too... what is it? and is it linked with my missed periods??


deedee9119 - January 30

ok.. so.. I went to my doctor and I found out that I have cysts on my ovaries, and it is causing me to miss my period and have pain and all of the rest of my symptoms, so I think that you should go to your ob/gyn and have yourself looked at.. It might be useful.



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