White Spots Around Areola

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SArah - March 31

Well first of all I'm 4 days late (I'm always excatly 28 days!) I've tested twice and got BFNs. The past two days my bbs feel like their on fire! My nipples hurt sooo bad! I noticed today that I have white spots around my areolas. Is this a preggo symptom?


Grandpa Viv - March 31

Yes - Google Montgomery tubercles. Test every few days using first morning pee. Other signs might be tired, peeing, discharge, unusually ga__sy, emotional, dizzy, backache etc. Good luck!


akm - March 31

Hey, I've noticed this on my nipples too... those little bumps are much more obvious, my boyfriend even pointed it out to me. And one of the white bumps like burst or something and was all oozy... weird. I'm on cd58 now... I didn't test yet because I just went off thepill and was expecting a long period... but the last couple of days I've been really nausiated and so I'm planning on going to the dr's on Monday.


Lala - March 31

akm--Why don't you just take a test?? You're close to a month late! You need to find out if you're pregnant; you need to know if you are that far along. I hope you're taking PNV.


LIN - March 31

Montgomery tubercules can be a sign of pregnancy, but they can also be a sign of pms. Mine always stood out quite strong toward the end of my cycle and in fact much more so than they do now that I'm actually pregnant. Tender b___bs are also a symptom of both pms and pregnancy, but nips on fire really makes me think pregnancy. I'd say that symptom alone warrants testing again in a few days. Good luck!


akm - April 1

yes, I've been taking folic acid and avoiding alcohol and caffine ever since I went off the pill. But I haven't tested yet just because I was trying not to get too excited... I decided to wait until I "missed" a second period until I go to the dr's. And even if I took a test, and it was a BFN I probably wouldn't believe it.. and if I did believe it I'd want to go tothe dr's anyway to find out why I haven't had a period yet... so you know... it just wasn't worth buying the tests... I've wasted plenty of money on them before. Anyway, I've noticed these montgomery tubercules lately... but my b___sts have not been sore at all, and they usually are during the entire 2ww.



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