White Spots On Aerola

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dlc0715 - January 17

My husband have been trying a few months to conceive now with no success. However this week I've had symptoms of nausea, tiredness, and today I noticed white pimple-like spots on my aerola. I've had 2 previous pregnancies and don't remember if I had them before. ther was a milky white discharge from them (TMI I checked the, um, content by squeezing one - ouch and yuck!). These weren't there a week ago and they just caught my attention in the shower. I'm also getting over what I think was a virus or flu but the symptoms weren't making me feel like I'd been hit by a truck like normal, these symptoms were more early pregnancy like. Could it be wishful thinking? I'm not due for my period for a few more days (also new, have no clue where to look for these abbreviated terms!!). But so far love this board!


tonia - January 17

Hi. I too, have had those white bumps on my areola, and not a__sociated with pregnancy. Did you monitor youe ovulatin? Do you know how many dpo (days past ovulation) you are? A few abbreviations for you to get started with; af (aunt Flo) bd(baby dancing) dh(dear husband) bfn(big fat negative) bfp(big fat positive).............


Megs - January 17

I wish you luck with TTC! With this certain circ_mstance, what you are describing sounds like a pimple. Yes, you can get pimples on your b___sts. Weird, yes, but happens. :-) I have had them occa__sionally and unfortunately have not been pg. With your other symptoms though it does sound promising! I wish you the best of luck!! BTW the best website is twoweekwait.com It has ALL the abb. you could ever imagine!


jodie - January 17

They are actually called Montgomery tubricles...or something like that. They are common with pregnancy but can also be caused by hormones. I had them with my last pregnancy as well as this one. You can look them up online if ya want. Good luck!!


DownbutnotOUT - January 18

I have those bumps when im not preggers but really bad when I am pregnant and I dont recommend popping them.


DaBonkElsMe - January 18

You shouldn't pop them no matter what they are, but they can be a pregnancy sign!! So can flu like aches and pains accompanied by sniffles and mucus! So it could be your month!! Keep us posted!


dlc0715 - January 18

Thanks for all the advice! I also looked online and am thinking that maybe it's possible that they are the sweat glands and not necessarily from pregnancy. Funny... I've had 2 children before. Why don't I remember the little signs? Besides nausea of course! Maybe it's so much wishful thinking EVERY month that I want to be the symptoms 'magically appear' then I have AF. Also, because last 2 times it took only 1 try and 2 tries to conceive with my Ex, it seems only natural that it'd happen again that way! New strain...? We recently found out that my DH, who is the sweetest most wonderful DH to me and his SS's, he has a lower than normal sperm count. Next step? Going to see a UR monday.



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