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izechsmama - January 27

Whether you belong to other threads and whether you Oed or are waiting to.. if you're testing for Valentines come on in!!! I tested last month for our anniversary and big ol BFN.. BUMMER... but my spirits are high for another go around and i'm really hoping to not have my period for Valentines!! so come on in and join me in this wait!!! we're ttc #2 my DS needs a buddy!!


DANI - January 27

Hi! I'll be the first to join ya! My ds needs a buddy too...hehe. I took another OPK and got another BFN. What's going on? Today is cd 15 for me.....I should've O by now. Tomorrow I will test in the am and see what I get. It's kinda strange though. Normally (speaking before ds) I would O anywhere between 10-14 days. When are you using the OPK?


izechsmama - January 27

do you have two lines or one? how dark would you say the test line is if you have one... i took an OPK today cause of the spotting.. and i had the double lines.. the test line was about 1/4 darker than the control line.. so we will see.. its still early... so at least the hormone is there... gonna test again tomorrow... and keep it up til my opks are gone.. and if i dont get a positive by then i'm gonna get some more opks from the dollar store...


izechsmama - January 27

I meant to say the test line was 1/4 lighter than the control.. so not at my surge... DUH! hehe


mommyof3stepmommyof2 - January 27

hey ladies I will be testing around V-day I am just now 2dpo i hope we caught our eggie this time.


bsing123 - January 27

Yippie! I'm 4dpo! My temp soared this morning! Hoping thats a great sign!!


mommyof3stepmommyof2 - January 27

good luck bsing I hope you caught your eggie this month. BTW what is your ff addy mine is home/babygirlwanted


VenusdiMilo - January 27

I too (hopefully) will be testing around V-day as well if I ‘O’ on time this month…..Dani, they say it best to use OPKs in the afternoon because your LH surge doesn’t show up until then…Good luck ladies!! *~*~*~*~*~*~* Baby Dust *~*~*~*~*~*~*


Marissa1 - January 27

That would be the best Valentines gift EVER!!!!!!! If I got a BFP near V-day I would surprise my DH with a baby bottle filled with chocolote kissess!!! : )


bsing123 - January 28

Mine is home/brooke08


bsing123 - January 28

Yes, she is right. I would go ahead and pee when you get up and then take the test around 10-11 at the earliest. The reason is because LH usually starts surging in the morning and takes several hours to reach your urine. I usually get my first +'s around 10 or 11am.


bsing123 - January 28

Marissa, that is a GREAT idea!!!


bsing123 - January 28

mommyof3, your chart is looking good! Hope you get that third HIGH temp today!


mommyof3stepmommyof2 - January 28

Hey bsing I did get my third high temp today so now i am just waiting to see if we caught the eggie LOL. BTW you chart is looking good as well. It looks like we are just a couple days from one another. I cant wait to hear about everyone's test and I pray they are all BFP's. BABY DUST TO ALL ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~


nikki1 - January 29

I'll wait here with you too!!! I am sooo excited about this month, especially being around Valentine's Day!! that would just be soo special.. Well anyways, I will be testing on the 12th... My lmp was Jan.15th..are some of you ladies already testing? or were you talking about opks??just wondering how early it is possible to get BFP... We have been ttc for 7-8 months but I haven't been on here in awhile, because I just didn't "feel" to good about ttc, but I'm back now!! I am feeling really good about this month, I kinda have a gut feeling...but I still dunno, so *keeping fingers crossed* and praying that this will be our month!! and hopefully you ladies too! Well gl and ~*~Babydust~*~ to all of us ttc!! btw, Marissa that is the cutest idea I have heard for Valentine's present!! gj


cntrygrl - January 29

izechsmama how are you? I am testing on 8th. Not quite Valentines day but.... My af is supposed to arrive btw the 1st-4th and I am going to wait until a week after the 1st to test. I want to make sure that I am good and late before I test because I hate to see those bfn's!! I think I may of had implantation bleeding on the 25th, so that was a good sign. Other than that the only other symptom I may have right now is fatique. I am really, really tired!! I probably sleep 10-11 hours a night and it has been that way for the past couple of days. My fingers and toes are crossed for this month though!! Good luck to you too!! Baby Dust!


cntrygrl - January 30




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