Who Else Is At The End Of The 2ww It S Killing Me

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sunshine7610 - March 7

So as you can see from the t_tle, I'm at the end of the 2ww and it's killing me! I'm on CD14 to be exact and so far, I've had some brown spotting for 4 days but very light. Only needed 1 liner to last all day. But today it has just sort of petered out. Ever since I've been on clomid (6th month), I've had spotting for like 4 - 5 days before af actually comes. Now here I am thinking it was about to come, and the spotting has dwindled to almost nothing. Maybe it was just implantation?? I don't want to test in case I have an extra long LP this month and af is just around the corner. I tested yesterday with a test from dollarama but it was negative. I'll give it till the day after tomorrow before I cave and take a test. I've just been so disappointed in the past.


bsing123 - March 7

Do you mean 14 dpo??


bsing123 - March 7

Do you have a chart??


sunshine7610 - March 7

oops, yeah I meant 14 dpo NOT cd14. My chart is home/sunshine7610


Martha31 - March 8

Dear Ladies, My ugly AF is here today.... i decided that I need to start charting and all that stuff...when do I start?? I bought plenty of pee sticks as well and I got this saliva wonder fertility detector from a friend as a gift. Please advice... Many many thanks for all the input:)


nino3 - March 8

Hey i also had the spotting before my BFP. It was 2 days then nothing then there it was again the day after. This is a good sign. The spotting i had was very light brown though. I had spotting before but this was really different. The last 2 days i spotted it was mixed with cm. I knew something was up because this spotting was very different. If the spotting you are experiencing is somewhat different than before then this is a good sign. I spotted between 6-9 dpo.


sunshine7610 - March 8

Hey Nino3, yeah, my spotting has sort of disappeared. I had a bit last night (but by no means alot - just another bit) but today it sort of stopped. I wore a liner but there wasn't even enough there to really need one. I'm not one to a___lyze every tiny thing that happens to me but my stomach has been sort of upset all day, I've woke up with horrible headaches the last 3 days, and I've been utterly exhausted the last few days. I don't know if those are symptoms of preg or if I'm thinking too much! Usually the spotting gets heavier and then af comes so this is sort of out of the ordinary. I think I'll test tomorrow with fmu so to be sure I get the best response.



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