Who Had A Normal Period While Pregnant

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unsure_92 - February 10

Have any of you ladies had a normal period before you find out your pregnant??? Or had a normal period during your pregnancy?


alydabom - February 11

if you are on birthcontrol i just found out that you can actually have your period normally during pregnancy.


Kris23 - February 11

You cannot have your period while pregnant because you're not going to be ovulating. Which is allrelated but you can have period like bleeding which is also known as decidual bleeding. It may come a few days prior to or the day of your AF. It's scary because there can be clots and you think oh I got my period but it's lighter in flow and in color. Hope this helps.


ldcheer43 - February 12

I am kind of going through the same thing as you UNSURE_92...I spotted then had a light period then went to heavy which is unusual for me, i always just start really heavy but this time was different. I had really bad headaches and cramps. So I think i might be pregnant but i took a test at home and it was negative but im making a doctor appointment next week to know for sure...so ill let you know


c-iredale - February 14

YES YOU CAN!!!! I did for 4 months and then again at 6 months prego. I also had no hormone that could be detected until the 4th month which was why i did not find out I was prego until the 4th month. IT was very scary for me too because when I began having a regular period again at month 6 the doc and I thought I might be losing the baby but turned out everything was fine. You can have a period during pregnancy. And depending on the doc .... some will agree and some will not. I had regular periods the whole way through and everything was fine. But you should always still go to the doc when bleeding occurs.


L34nn3 - February 28

Im new to this please help


L34nn3 - February 28

cud i poss be preg! af started 5th jan -8 then 8 feb- 11feb but was not normal af, my cycle is nor 28-30 days, fm 23feb i hav been aving lower stomach cramps n lower back pain. tender nips burpin every time i drink or eat ( soz for tmi ) bloated warm feeling-i hav neva ad cramps like hunger pains mostly 14 days b4 af- i nor hav cramps 12hrs b4 af. im goin out my mind im convinced.. im a little weaker than nor. i never had this with my first child now 8 just little white spots on nips and metalic taste in my mouth. kinda been trying but not charting or anything just hoping it would happen been with partner almost 7 years. plz help. when dizzy when i got up this mornin, tossed n turned all night what do you think? thanks


rebecca001 - March 21

someone plz help i have a tummy that rises and falls everyday but when it rises it gets really stiff/hard mainly at the afternoons goin in to the night period, but when it falls it still feels a bit stiff. if i press on it it feels really hard. also i jus had my period and the day b4 yesterday i started bleedin but not heavy jus this pinkish-brownish kinda thing on my panty-sheild you kno like my period is about to come but it's not, this was not the first time. then recently i started to get constipated and when i wipe i see blood, well i know thats not normal, but could any one tell me if these are signs or not.....help!!!!



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