Who Hasn T Had Implentation Bleeding

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? - March 10

It seems like a lot of people on this board have had implantation bleeding. I read somewhere once that only 25% of women experience Implentation bleeding. How hasn't had implantation bleeding and has been preggo?


Lindsey - March 10

I never had implantation bleeding with my two pregnancies. I don't know why but some get it and some don't. Hope this helps. If you need further info, ask Grandpa Viv.


Liz - March 10

Never had it w/ my daughter.


? - March 10

Did you have a lot of discharge? I have always had a little discharge during the day (that hasn't changed). This morning, I went for my first morning pee and there was a clump of discharge in the urine. That is the most I have seen. My Af would be scheduled for today, but no site of it (Thank God).


Liz - March 10

Your symtpms sound good! I keep reading about discharge. I never had any symptoms(except odd feeling in lower stomach) really until about 8 or so weeks. It's been 7 years so I can't really remember everything. Best of luck and lots of dust!


? - March 10

Thanks Liz. I see so much about implentation bleeding and discharge. I am thinking maybe I don't have good signs. Baby dust to you too.


michelle - March 10

Five pregnancies, no implantation bleeding


tiffani - March 10

I had it with my daughter, not with my son, and didn't have it this time.


jerrinice - March 10

can i have some baby dust to please


lulu - March 10

I have been pregnant three times, only one birth though. Did not have implantation bleeding or spotting, except with my m/c.


~m~ - March 10

2 full term pregnancies, 4 miscarriages, and never had implantation bleeding. If I do have it with my next pregnancy, I'm sure it will scare the life out of me! LOL


mulgajill - March 10



T - March 10

I had implantation bleeding with my daughter but nothing when I was pregnant with my son.


~m~ - March 11

mulgajill, have you ever seen children b__wing dandelions, and then running around trying to catch all of the fuzzy things they've b__wn off? Well, picture me doing that when you b__w baby dust our way! LOL I am all but out of my chair catching the dust! LOL :o)



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