Who Here Is Late

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Nell - January 11

I am late 4 days! I hope I am pregnant! I haven't tested yet I am holding out until Friday I KNOW I CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!


Ravini - January 11

Hi, i am 1 day late but BFN :-( .....i have some real wierd symptoms... will test again on the 17th if AF doesnt show up before then... good luck to you... dont lose hope :-) keep you spirits high


KLB - January 12

I am late. But my cycle is always irregular so I never know exactly what day I'm due, but it's around this time. I only had intercourse once or twice this month & it was during my fertile week. I have been cramping for a week but no AF yet. Good luck!


Ronnie Jo - January 12

I'm 8 days late. Took a test this morning BFN :( Going to the doctor next wed.


Lynn S. - January 12

I'm 12 days late. But all i've got were BFN.. so I'm gonna wait a little longer. It seems like I never have things happen to me the way everyone else does. lol so I ordered some sensitive HPT off the net, they should be here soon. So I'll probably test again then. I really feel like I might be prego though! Good Luck everyone!


mckenzie - January 12

am 1 day late got a BFN with first response. No cramping at this time i usually feel cramping before af arrives. I did see a slight reddness i think after voiding to day. I don't know why af can't take a 9 month vacation.


clairol - January 12

I am 7 days late, lots of symptons but BFN this morning.... I will book a dr app. if no AF..... from reading through these forums it seems BFN are common even in the first few late weeks? is this was alot of people have found????? Good luck everyone...


clairol - January 12

this waiting is horrible..... it makes you feel like you don't want to do anything else until you know either way... i should be getting on with work but I just want to know if I am likely to be PG... without getting my hopes up too much... arhhhh!


ShawnaM - January 12

This might seem like a wierd question, but, does anyone else get a strange little rumbling in their lower abdomen (same area as their uterus)? I am now 4 days late and have taken 3 hpt that have all been negative. Right now my symptoms include, gas, cramping, slight nausea during the day, mood swings (I can be a REAL B****), rumbling in tummy, and constipation. I was pregnant once before but did not carry to term. If I remember correctly I didn't test untill I was about 2-3 weeks late (out of denial, and feeling like AF was right around the corner). I also bought into the "stress" idea and waited to test and tried to calm down. But like many of you, I've been more stressed out and have been like clockwork. Going back to the strange rumbling in the tummy...this would always occur before and during AF...but when I got preg it was happening ALL THE TIME. It's going to be hard to wait it out to see which comes first a posative hpt or AF. Best wishes to all of you!!!


summer - January 13

i;m 3 days late now, and 2 days before my period was due..i started feeling period cramping slightly on and off..has anyone experienced that before? i would like to know..hope it's not period cramps.


clairol - January 13

I had lots of feeling like a period was coming was it never did.... or at least still hasn't I am now 8days late and the symptons seem to be uping a notch. I have gas (thats embarra__sing!) and still think (or I am trying to kid myself) that surely the biggest sign is still no period!?!?!?!?!? anyway I have docs app on tuesday and will only cancel if AF turns up..... I am very envious of alll these people that seem to get BFP before there period is even due!!!! HELP....


clairol - January 13

I actually have slight diarrhoea in the morning although nothing really through the day.... I ave read lots of people are constipated... could this be a sign that I am not pregnant????? still 8days late and all bb are sore, tired, hungry, oh and I so can't concentrate on anything....


nataliem - January 17

i am 2 days late, i have had some cramping this past week. tired alot little bit of backache and my nipples are really sensitive.


Jodie - January 17

Hello, well I'm due for af today, but still no sign, so hopefully she won't show her face!


d - January 17

The witch was due today. Usally it gets me before I wake up. nothing so far. Although i have some cramping which could be it slowly coming up. I hope not. BFP to all. Baby Dust to all


Lynn S. - January 17

Hey everyone, just wanted to update, I'm roughly about 18-19 days late as of today. I have tons of pregnancy syptoms, missed period, extremely tired, nausea & occasional vomitting, extremely moody, CM that is sometimes either milky color or egg white color, and occasionally clear, but its usally think and strechy. I feel like, and look like my belly has gotten bigger. Sore b___bs and more lower back pain than normal. And i've been feeling like I've been so hot lately (not sure if that a preg sign or not). Anyway I might have a few other signs but thats all I can think of as of now. Oh and looking at or smelling certain foods (that i usually love) makes me sick to my stomach. I sitll haven't gotten those test in hopefully they will be here soon. I'm just trying not to worry or stress out about it. I still just want to know if I'm pregnant or not . So what about all of you.. anyone find out if they are prego, or if AF came? **BABY DUST TO EVERYONE**


clairol - January 17

still late... now 11days and light symptons as before... except a bigger headache and I am more tearful... I have a blood test tomorrow... anyone else know either way?????



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