Who Is Due For AF Jan 8

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kb - January 2

Just wondering if anyone is having any symptoms? I am having pretty much all of them, but am scared to test too early because of the negative I may get... Maybe we all ride this out together!


kimmy - January 3

my period hoping to be due on jan 4. but for the past 4 days i have been having a lot of headaches, feeling nauseated, throwing up for the pas 3 days. at times i feel dizzy. but im just waitng for my af to arrive. the first day of my last period was on dec. 7. so i counted 28 days from that date and so my af should arrive on jan. 4. i hope. if not the latest im giving it is jan. 8th. if it doesnt arrive im taking the home preg. test and seeing a doctor.


kb - January 3

I was having really sore b___sts, but now that seems to have disappeared. I am also having discharge, which according to what I have read from Grandpa Viv is normal in early pregnancy. I have been nautious and very dizzy, but the few cramps I was having in my ovaries do not seem to be as bad as they were (maybe I am just getting used to them!) I had strong cramps on the day that I believe to be my 'implantation' day. I don't know what to think anymore. I had a milky discharge from my b___sts yesterday and today, but only after I touched them. I have NEVER had this before, so I am not sure what is going on. I hope we can work this out together. I believe that I could maybe test tomorow, but am scared of the negative that I may get. I 'think' I am pregnant, but don't really 'feel' like I am the past two days, other than the symptoms I listed above. I am making myself crazy, my husband is telling me to relax...!! ya, right!


kim - January 3

Hey KB I am due for af on the 4th too... I took a test a few days ago but it was neg.. Too soon I think You are really suppose to wait 10 days after you are late but that is hard. I want to know now... lol. I have had so many symptoms but trying not to get my hopes up. With our son I had no symptoms and actually did not test pos until I was 3 months.


Julie - January 4

I am due Jan. 6. had s_x on Dec. 24 & 26th am hoping! I have been sick to my stomach last night throughout the entire night and this morning? Could I be?


kb - January 4

You know, it's weird. I have most of the symptoms listed as early pregnancy signs, but mine are not all steady. I do have a fair bit of discharge, which is a good sign I guess. 7- 10 days past ovulation I had really bad pains in my ovaries, which I am hoping was implantation. I had the same pains once before, and it turns out I was pregnant, but had a mis.My ovaries pain me sometimes, which I am hoping is a good sign. I have a milky discharge when I squeeze lighly on each b___st, which I have NEVER had that. I am dizzy sometimes. But my sore b___sts have really eased up, which I would think that if I were pregnant they would get worse. I have been nauseated, but not too much the past few days, just a little bit. I really don't know what to think. I am scared to take a test because if it turns up negative, how do I explain all my symptoms? Last night I drank 7up, and my heart was racing so fast I thought I was going to bust it! That happended to me last time I was pregnant. Anyways, any help here would be greatly appreciated. I may test tomorow morning, but it may be too early. :)


Marie - January 4

My period is due on the 8th Jan and we have been trying for the past 2 years. I have a little boy, 2 and half and we conceived the first month with him. I am now on month 8 of clomid. I have had my ovulation pains (which I can only discribe as sharp stabbing in the lower region) for the past 7 days and usually only have this for a day. I have noticed that I have had a slight pain in my b___sts today. Only lasted 2 or 3 seconds and has only happened a few times. I feel quite tired and for the past 2 or 3 days have been feeling slightly sicky. Not sure if I am imagining it because I want it so bad!! Well I detected my LH surge with an ovulation test Monday 27th Dec and have been having these pains since the wednesday night. I hope I am!!


kb - January 4

Marie, hopefully you and I are both pregnant, due at the same time!! Keep me posted on how you are doing!


Marie - January 5

I had to get up at 5:30 this morning to eat something because I felt really sick. To top that off I have just received a text from my best friend to say that she is 5 weeks pregnant. It only took them 2 months and whilst I am really pleased for her, I feel so bad for myself. On quite a downer today! Kb I will let you know. Think I might do a test tomorrow morning.


fi - January 5

i have been trying for 8 months and have all the signs this month. due for af on 7th. done test this morning but negative!!! keep the chin up


Kay - January 5

What kind of discharge have you guys had. I have a milky white when I wipe I am due of jan 8 for period. I had s_x on Dec. 10,16,18,22,24,26 and my last period was on Dec. 8. I have been natious, sore b___st, back pain, stomach muscles pulling on lower abondemen both sides, and around my belly b___ton. Last night I got really nauticous sick to my stomach. Good luck to us all.


Marie - January 5

kb - Anything yet? I have felt slight aches in my lower belly on and off today, but nothing like cramping. Still feel very slightly dizzy - if I look at something in the room then the rest of the room feels like it is moving. Have no discharge though and didn't really notice that with my first pregnancy either. I am gonna do a test in the morning, I know it's 2 days early, but this waiting is driving me insane and the first response does say you can test as early as 4 days before your period. Keep your fingers crossed - no doubt it will be a bfn, but I will let you know!!


kb - January 5

I tested this morning, bfn. I am keeping my hopes up for a bfp! I will keep playing the waiting game. I am starting with af type cramping, but different. Can't really explain it.


MumofOne - January 5

Hey there, I am due for AF on Jan 10, I got BFN this morning but think i may have tested too early, as my cycle is usually about 32 days and my last period was Dec 9. I have been feeling really dizzy for the past few days - but wasn't aware if this was a symptoms or not. I don't really have any other symptoms - just really dizzy and thirsty. Any of you guys experienced this?


Crystle - January 6

I'm due on Jan. 11. I'm on the same boat. Boobs hurt, discharge, Bad cramping today, very tired, and nausiated. We've been trying for three months. It's a whole new world. My 1st two were from my first marriage and unplanned. So, I dumbly thought when we started trying it would be no big deal. I had no idea how much "science" was involved when I started three months ago. After the first month I was so upset. Until I got online and started researching and found an abundant amount of information. And all of these wonderful people like you girls that have been enduring this waiting game a lot longer than I have. So, I will pray for +++ for all of you :) Sorry, didn't mean to get so sappy. :)


kim - January 6

I am 3 days late and still testing neg... I am having so many symptoms that if I am not i will have to say I am out of my mind.. lol I am trying to wait to test again Sat Morning but I am sooo tired of waiting!! Good Luck


kb - January 6

I keep getting new symptoms, so I am not sure what to think. I should start my af anytime now. I have been not exactly on a perfect schedule since I stopped the pill. But my last 2 months were both 28-29 days. Now I am day 30 from last my last af. I am getting excited, but I don't want to get my hopes up. Fingers crossed for us all!! :)



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