Who Is Due For AF On Jan 13

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Other m - January 4

Hello everyone...anyone due on the same due as I am? Any symptoms so far? I felt a bit nauseated yesterday, but other than that, I haven't felt anything yet.


Angel - January 4

I am due on the 13th, i think it is a bit early for symptoms, however im not sure, only thing i have is my b___sts have been heavy for the past week and now they are starting to get a bit tender, but i get b___st pain before AF.


kidesign - January 4

Im due on the 15th...., my b___sts are sore! I noticed veins more than usual- and Ive felt hot and flushed at night. Also, that discharge everyone is talking about.. Ive got it. I usually dont start getting sore until the week before AF. It just seems way too early to start feeling sore. Last night was soo uncomfortable sleeping on them. My temp is 99- for 2 days now since Ive started keeping track. They say that your temp stays high once you conceive. Good luck girls.


Other m - January 10

Hello again! Anyone feeling anything? I just have sore b___sts, otherwise nothing!


Liza31 - January 10

I'm due on the 13th. I had a few hours of painful cramping on my left side this morning. I also haven't been sleeping well. Tossing and turning. Normally, I sleep like a rock. I've also had sinus congestion. I've read that this is a sympton but seems conincidental right now. My b___sts are usually very sore before AF but nothing this month.


Other m - January 11

I have also had the problem of sleeplessness. I also have major dreams when I do drift off. I had an early miscarriage last time. So I am still hopeful!


Other m - January 13

Hello! I guess today's the 13th. I'm just wondering how everyone else is doing/feeling. I have no sign of AF yet, not the usual cramps. I do have sore b___sts and feel nauseated somtimes. Well i will have to wait and see what happens. I am not going to test immediately to avoid dissappointment.



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