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Jennifer - June 20

I see people askiing questions to "Grandpa Viv", and I am wondering who it is...


me too - June 20

me too


kEEKEE - June 20

He's a nice guy who know alot about pregnancy.


m - June 20

how does he know so much is he a doc?


? - June 20

Why is an old man hanging out on the pregnancy boards all day? Kinda weird?


Grandpa Viv - June 20



J - June 21

Grandpa Viv, it says that you are interrested in better s_x education, and that you are on here answering questions (on the website you refered to), but what are your credentials? Are you just someone who has read a lot on the subject to help your community, or are you a doctor or something? It is a bit out of the ordinary...like "?" said...kinda wierd.


Kel - June 21

I don't think its wierd at all! If G. Viv wants to stay private I think that's fine. Offering important information to anyone and everyone and trying to make diagnosis over the internet is sketchy at best. Staying anonomous to some degree would keep you from getting sued! Heck we are all anonomous here. Just look at some of your names "me too", "m", "?", "J". When I read a post by "Grandpa Viv" I know tha it is sound advice coming from someone that has participated on this board a long time, and is interested in the subject matter. If he is a dr. or a gc, I would not be suprised. Thanks for all your help G. Viv!!!


Dee - June 21

He is a wise guy. After all he is the one you come to when you wanna know something ASAP.


Jennifer - June 21

Kel, I am sure that many people don't think it is wierd, some do. Nothing wrong with questioning him, is there? On the website Grandpa Viv referenced, there wasn't much info on who he is, just that he is interrested in better s_x education. If you read my last post( "J"), I was asking if he was someone who read a lot to HELP his community, or if he is a doc. It IS a bit out of the ordinary to have an older man as a resource, maybe I shouldn't have used the word "wierd". If Grandpa Viv wants to stay private, that is fine, but let him answer for himself, dear. You don't need to defend him, I don't think anyone here is attacking him; we are just wanting to know who he is. Some of us don't understand why he is here. If you already trust him, then don't worry about this post. We can all ask questions here, Kel.


good to ask the question - June 21

I think he's helpful but sometimes his advice is wrong. I'm sure he's not a gyno. The problem is, if someone believes he's gotta be right, (or very wise) just because he seems like the board's 'guru'. He very well might be right but he might not be. I don't like the name but at least he always takes the time to answer a question. Maybe Kel is right, 'diagnosing' over the net is not easy and this way he's not promising anything. It's up to you if you take his advice. It's good to raise this question from time to time, because sometimes it can be be dangerous to trust somebody on the internet, just because he (or she) ''seems' nice or 'seems' to be an expert.


Jennifer - June 21

I didn't think much either way untill I saw a post where someone was asking about her BBT and he mentioned other signs to pay attention to. He brought up cm, emotions, and a few other things, but he also said "horniness" using that word put up my dirty old man red flag. I am sure he has some useful info, and it is nice to have questions answered quickly, I just hope that women are talking to their local resources-like obgyn and nursing hotlines. I also like getting answers from othe women, but an older man who is " interested in better s_x education, especially as the country moves further into abstinence and parental s_x education territory" (from his website, http://www.ppowb.org/gv/index.html). I just think it is a bit out of the ordinary, and I wanted to know the background on why he is here. Kel is right that "trying to make diagnosis over the internet is sketchy" I just want to know where advise is comming from when it isn't other women playing the baby game.


Tulip - June 21

I have never seen anything obviously wrong that Grandpa Viv has said. I agree we need better s_x ed. I don't think the country is moving toward abstinence or parental s_x ed.(Been on the tenn pregnancy website lately?) No one is perfect, but I think Grandpa Viv is a great resource!


kEEKEE - June 21

When I first came to this site, he was the only one who answered my question. Yes, i knew he was a man. His name is Grandpa Viv. He answered my question and gave me some good advice. It felt good to have someone answer your ? when you first get here. I ran into some rude people and he wasn't one of them. From what I see, he seem to be alot of help....No one is a doctor here. So you will likely not get the answer you are looking for. This is a forum not an OB/Gyn clinic.........There is some comments made under General Pregnancy about men being here. Some women don't want men here. So they are many posts to the man over there. I feel that men have a right to be here. You need men to get pregnant.So, Why can't they share this forum? .....Viv is not a perv. What is wrong with the word "Horny"? I see it all the time here. So if Viv use the word, there is something wrong? Well, just keep a open mind.


Jennifer - June 21

I feel that I am keeping an open mind. KeeKee, I agree with you that men have a right to be here, have women been rude to men on here? I have been on a few boards where a man is participating and have not seen anyone express that they are not OK with them. If that happens, that is too bad. I haven't seen comments on this post against men being here either. The word "horniness" is not a bad word, it just seemed out of place in his words of advice. It put a red flag up for me (personal feeling). An older man sitting and reading posts on a pregnancy forum is out of the ordinary, in my opinion. I also am fully aware that this is not a clinic (if that was directed to me); I am not looking for docs' answers here, just looking to women or men that are in the baby game too (ttc, prego, or mommies [daddies too:)]) For Grandpa Viv to be on here regularly answering questions, I just wanted to know a bit about his background, and it sounds like I am not the only one wondering. Tulip- I didn't say that the country is moving tward "abstinence and parental s_x education territory," that was a quote from Grandpa Viv's website. Have you looked at that? It is http://www.ppowb.org/gv/index.html if you feel like checking it out. Again, no one is attacking, sorry if I offended any of you, I just wanted to know for myself what he is about. I wish he would explain or tell me it is none of my business himself. weather he has offered you (and others) good info, aren't you curious as to how he has gotten involved on this site? oops a bit long...sorry :)


Kel - June 21

Well my dh won't talk with me about a lot of this stuff. He thinks it makes bd'ing less exciting and more clinical. If G. Viv is willing to talk the clinic talk of pregnancy the worst that can happen is he might be wrong. But the more than likely he has provided some really useful information. So I don't get it... what's the big deal??


Jennifer - June 21

Kel, I am sure he has given people help here. I can relate to you agout your husband, mine hates to hear some of the details. Just yesterday he was asking me what decongestant does to help...I started to tell him that there is a mucas "plug" at the cervix...he cut me right off, saying he was sorry he asked! Anyway, didn't mean to make a "big deal" about it, I just wanted to know what Grandpa Viv is all about for MYSELF, that is all. No big deal. I wanted to know from him, but all I got was a website from him--I had hoped for more (again for myself). I have seen several of his posts, and he does seem to have fairly useful info, I never contested that. Can't a girl wonder? If you don't have a problem, or if you aren't curious yourself, then don't worry about it. I, personally, would like to know--others like "me too", "m", and even "?" wonder too. I am curious as to how or why he has gotten involved here, that's all....no big deal.



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