Who Is Grandpa Viv

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Niki - January 9

I am new here and I saw many of the ladies ask for Grandpa Viv! Who is Grandpa viv? She is sounds like a person who knows so much about pregnancy and give wonderful advice to us.


kat - January 9

she is! ive learned alot through her advice to people.


Grandpa Viv - January 9



koki - January 9

Thanx 4 the link granpa viv, i took a look and found it extremeley informative and interesting. x koki x


Niki - January 10

Thank you, Grandpa Viv.


?? - January 10

Just so you are aware, Grandpa Viv is just that.... "grandpa". "She" is actually a "he". He has good links to give, but obviously no experience. He reads up and knows some stuff, but keep in mind that when he gives information, it's coming from a web page instead of personal experience.


duh...??!! - January 10

I know alot of doctors that have no experience in things but they know what they are talkin about so what does it matter the experience?


?? - January 10

To "duh" --- DUH yourself!! OBVIOUSLY, you can't share your experience if you DON'T HAVE ANY!! You can share things you read about, but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that a man can't tell you what it feels like to have contractions, or can't tell you how pregnancy cramps feel like, or can't tell you how c-section recovery feels. Calm down, Oscar!! We aren't talking about resume experience here! We are talking about the fact that when a man talks about things like aunt flow, Braxton Hicks, and cervical mucous, obviously he is telling you what he READ, not what he experienced! Get it now? DUH!


Dh - January 10

I total agree ?? anyone can read off a website, but I believe people are wanting advise from people who experience these things.. Well I do anyway.. he gave me advise once saying I WASN'T PREGNANT as I didn't have certain signs, however I am now 3 months..


me - January 10

I think that ya'll have a good point but if someone is willing to go online lookin things up to ease your mind then take it and if ur not completely sure then go look yourself or go to the drs...dh i once had a dr herself tell me there is no way i could be pregnant and infact the baby is 9 months old to this day ...and he himself said that he is only looking offline on webpages....but on both parts i agree...



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