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M - February 11



~m~ - February 11

He is a man.


Faith & Hope!!! - February 11

And seems to be a very helpful one with a lot of constructive advice the girls on the teenage part of this forum could seriously use his help.


M - February 11

he is a man!!! I hope he is not no perv!! Is he a Dr or what??


~m~ - February 11

I don't think he's a perv. His advice doesn't seem perverted, anyway. Faith & Hope is right, in that he is helpful.... but I must add that he is helpful in fact-giving. Or facts according to his sources, anyway. But obviously, he isn't a woman, therefore, has no experience to share with us. Seems you might be a little uncomfortable with it. If so, don't worry, you aren't alone.... Before some of you get upset, I'm not criticizing, just stating the facts. :o)


M - February 11

just a little uncomfortable! For a man to be giving me advice on pregnancy or just anything to do with a womans body, if he were a dr he wouldn't be on this sight. I don't mean anything bad I just think it's a little weird and uncomfotable....


-LO- - February 11

I agree with you M, it is a little weird and especially named GRANDPA!! I mean is he??


E - February 11

He uses "grandpa" b/c there were some past issues about him using the name "Viv". Some (including me) felt it gave the impression that he was a female with life experiences regarding pregnancy, periods, discharge, bumpy nipples... He decided to use the word "grandpa" so women could choose whether they wanted advice from a man. I think he is slightly older than middle aged, male, and works to educate couples regarding marriage and family issues, possibly religously based. He has quite the fan club:)


candy - February 13

as he has no real life experiences duh!!!but he does read ur ?'s and search the internet to find u an answer...he does have good advice...but like anyones advice take it or leave it....


tiffani - February 13

In my opinion, he's quite helpful. Whenever he sees a question with "grandpa viv" in the t_tle, he always answers it. While his answers are the same as I could research on the internet and give you, they are helpful nonetheless. Like ~m~ said, he can't speak from personal experience, but with every womans experience being so different anyways, a womans opinion can sometimes leave me even more confused. He has been on this forum for atleast the 5 months that I have, and I think from reading all the posts on here, he knows a lot more then we give him credit for. Another great thing about grandpa viv, he always answers the "am I pregnant" and "how can I tell when i'm ovulating" questions that I find annoying after all this time. (sorry, no offense) I will have to say though that I had the same creepy feelings at first about him, as a matter of fact, I posted the same question (who is grandpa viv?) months ago. :o)


Coco - February 13

Who cares if he's a man ? The important thing is that he is helpful ! he is offfering advice over the internet , so even though he seems to be a man, he is not going to tear off ur clothes and jump on u , is he ? Besides, most of women here, don't use their real names , so .....what does it matter anyway ? But i see where ur coming from.....


kat - February 13

i agree with coco on this one! its nice to have some fact alongside what us women experience.


Faith & Hope!!! - February 13

Hail Hail GRANDPA VIV!!!!!


J - February 14

Who cares if he's a man. My gyno is a man and I don't think that he is less able to deliver a baby than a woman. Prude.


to J - February 14

last i checked, obstetricians delivered babies, not gynecologists. either way, they are both extensively trained to do so. we are talking about a man who gets his info second hand, just like the rest of us.... only he doesn't have the actual experience we do. so before you start singing his praises, stop, take a deep breath, and realize that not ALL women feel comfortable with this, which is very natural and understandable. it's called a woman's prerogative!!!!!!!!!! PRUDE!


kat - February 14

if anyone doesnt feel comfotable talking to grampa viv then dont ask his advise! but there are quite a few of us who have learned a thing or two from him,remember hes taken time to research to help us lot out and hes not getting anything out of it,no need to disrespect him,hes not done anything wrong,at least hes being honest by admitting hes a man.keep up the good work grampa viv!!


J - February 15

opps...OBGYN. If not all women feel comfortable getting information from a male, then maybe they shouldn't be asking someone named "grandpa" for advice. Not to hard of a concept to understand.



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