Who Is Zuly And Why Does Everyone Ask For Her Help

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??? - December 2

Who is Zuly and why does everyone ask for her help?


zuly - December 2

Hi I'm Zuly why does every one ask for my help because .I try to answer every ones question .Any one I can help I will help.


Lady - December 3

Zuly is a verry informed person and probobly a RN, MD, or somthing because every question she answers is right on the money...keep up the good work Zuly


Anne - December 3

Zuly, Can you help me I have been trying now for 2 months and was due my pd yest i did a test wednesday night and came out neg have kinda stomach pains like I am gonna get them even if I was preg do people still experience these "pains" - please help !


zuly - December 3

Anne some times they do when they are pregnant but it could also be some other things. Like a cyst and or many others. Go to the D.R. just to be on the safe side.Take care


lo - December 3

to ???... i feel like i made this post telepathicly... for i was thinkin the exact same thing... and some1 said shes informed.... really.... why is she talkin bout cysts n stuff when that girl anne is probly just havin pms cramps! how rude!


zuly - December 3

Why because there are many cases that they may not till you about but cyst are very common in woman and they feel just like pregnancy. I have seen many woman lately in the hospital because of them. And about me being rude I'm not. This is not a baby forum and if you don't want to heard something that is true well then don't be on this forum.


donna - December 3

zuly, you are very right, i just finished telling someone that on the other thread. i have suffered with cyst and everytime i get ready to start my period i feel pregnant. so i know where you come from some people are not as fortunate to have the knowledge tha some have. evidentally they have the problem because they could not give their name.


Raine - December 4

Can anyone answer this???? I am 5 days late for my period. I've been having light cramps off and on. My LMP started Oct. 30 and should've started again on Nov. 29. About a week before my period should've begun, my boyfriend and I had s_x (BTW, yes we had s_x around O time), and when I used the restroom, the s____n came out PINK!!! (Sorry if TMI) This has happened the past three times we had s_x. I haven't had any spotting, however I am experiencing nausea at different times throughout the day, my appet_te has hit the road, and my b___sts are becoming more and more sore. I don't know if the nausea is just from the uncertainty and stress, but I just can't figure out for the life of me why the fluid was pink. I took a hpt today, and it was a neg. soooo... I don't know what the deal is. Please respond if you have any clue. THX!!!


Eve - December 4

I dont know zuly but the other day she gave me some advice she is very friendly and seems to help alot of people here!!


tiffani - December 4

Raine, My best guess would be that the "pink s____n" contains blood.


Zuly - December 4

Sounds like blood mix with the s____n.



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