Who Knows About Baby Aspirin

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sunshine7610 - December 10

Does anybody here take baby aspirin? I heard that it is supposed to help with implantation. But when I looked for it in the store I only could see low dose aspirin. Is it the same thing?


Naomi98 - December 11

hey! it's so weird you should post this question today. Last night I was reading a fertility book that had a whole 4 pages on how baby aspirin can aid fertility. So basically, the way it works is the baby aspirin improves blood circulation to and around the uterus. So you end up with a better uterus lining, which means that implantation has a better chance of happening. The book listed a whole load of studies on baby aspirin and the results were amazing - it really seems to work! They recommended 80mg per day but I think I'm going to mention to my Dr and see what he recommends. For those of us with the dodgy progesterone, I think it could really help. Did I tell you my Dr thinks the m/c was due to thin uterus lining because of progesterone levels? So I'm going to do whatever it takes to make the next one sticky!


sunshine7610 - December 11

Thanks Naomi for the input. I ended up buying some yesterday. I'm doing a natural cycle this month so I figure it can't hurt and its not like I'm mixing it with meds. I'll ask my dr about it too when I go back in January. So thin lining then. Do you know what the thickness of your lining was when they did the IUI? Whenever I had an IUI, my dr put me automatically on progesterone for the 2 weeks afterwards till my preg test. They were just v____al suppositories that I used at night. And I don't even have a progesterone problem. If I were to get pregnant, I would have to use them for the first 12 weeks of pregnancy to prevent a miscarriage from low progesterone levels just in case. Maybe ask your dr about using those as well.


Naomi98 - December 12

Well my Ob/Gyn said I should continue with the Duphaston tablets after ovulation and then move to progesterone injections if I get a bfp. But I'm going to see my RE in January before the final IUI and I'll check with him about it again. I guess my thinking is, Duphaston didn't work last time so maybe I need something stronger during the 2ww. Definitely don't want to go through last month's horrors again if I can avoid it :-( Aren't suppositories really messy?!


sunshine7610 - December 12

They aren't that bad actually. And it's v____ally not rectally that you use them. :) My dr told me to use them at night so they get absorbed overnight before you are walking around all day. It's just like inserting an OB tampon actually.



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