Who Knows About HcG Quot Scores Quot

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runnershirl - October 23

I had a blood test that said negative and under 2 HcG counts, which is low and conducive to someone NOT prego. So, what if I'm 10DPO or under/approximate? Would that be reasonable? Also, does anyone know anything about pituitary tumors and what they could do to your HcG scores (making them seem low and perhaps you're still prego?) I ask because my symptoms are very specific and still here and as of today, AF isn't here. So, just checking all options. I think we conceived 10-12 days before the test.


mjvdec01 - October 23

Honestly, I think you are testing too early. On average you need to wait 14 days from the date of expected ovulation. Anything earlier and you could be getting false negatives. Good luck to you!


Naomi98 - October 23

It doesn't sound like you're pregnant. Maybe there's a chance the blood test was too early and implantation hadn't happened yet, but it's a very small chance I think. I don't know how pituitary tumors could affect HCG levels but I do know they can cause your body to produce too much prolactin, which causes fertility problems. Did you already have that checked?


Tonigirl - October 23

Your hcg levels will double every few days or so. For some women there hcg levels are so low initially that even with the doubling it can take weeks for it show up on a test. Just wait it out a bit longer. On a blood test you need more than a 5 to even be considered as a possibility. Good luck.


runnershirl - October 24

Thanks ladies. As an update, I called our fertility dr., who confirmed that they don't even do blood tests until 14-17DPO; Also, since it's a fertility dr (also an endo) they are knowledgeable about pituitary balances. Yes, I've had that checked in the past and am scheduled for a follow up MRI, which I obviously won't be doing if P--but it hasn't grown during the last 2 years. Also, the dr. suggests, I come in for blood work around 14-17 dpo, and if no AF, they will check for P,, and if AF, they will check egg quality since I'm in my 30's. I feel relieved to know someone's on it, but still nauseated, tired, etc. Just wish I had some answers--and hopefully the one with baby dust. :)


runnershirl - October 26

So, now I'm 1 day late (and 2 by Tuesday am) and can now add diarhea (with intense cramping) to my list of symptoms. I did a urine test today- negative. I'll call dr. tomorrow, but to be honest with you, I wish I could hold off--I'm afraid it'll be negative (again) because it's "too soon"...ai-yai-yai..I have a cervical epidural scheduled Wed (if I'm not prego), so I guess I have no choice..I need to know for safety reasons. Thanks for your support and listening ladies.



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