Who S Gonna Get That BFP GAME

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Cerendipy - January 24

I really hate AF. I hate her. Plus, I have NEVER had cramps before EVER IN MY LIFE, and what do I get this cycle...stupid little cramps! It sucks too, because they are not even that bad - not really painful, more annoying - just annoying enough to remind me that stupid AF is just around the corner to ruin my weekend. GRRRR!!!


Megs - January 24

I believe Krissy is the first to test since she's 9DPO today; Then Indenial at 7DPO; then currently at 6DPO is Lissica, Cerendipy, Purplehaze, and Megs. At 5 DPO is 2ndtime and Layni; And at 4DPO we have Harriet and Beckybunny. I believe that was everyone so we'll have a stretch of days with MULTIPLE people testing, YEAH!!! :-) (I know, I just added Beckybunny without asking, sorry! She makes the rules OFFICIAL though!! LOL) YEAH, lots of testing will happen starting TOMORROW with Krissy, right???


Rainbowbrite - January 24

Krissy2006- you're a HPT tease! LOL. You can't tell us you tested and then not tell us the answer!!!!


Cerendipy - January 24

Krissy is a POAS fanatic! I bet she has POAS every day since ovulation!!! She cracks me up!


Megs - January 24

Krissy, why did you discard that temp from yesterday???????? You excited about being HIGHLY encouraged to test tomorrow even though you've already tested a ton of times??? LOL So will ya tell us what the POAS result was from yeterday????????? Girl you driving me crazy!!!! LOL I can't wait for the madness to begin!! hheeehheee!


indenial - January 24

I think I'm gonna go with 11dpo. That's Sunday for me. The thing that sucks is that DH is out of town from Sat morning until Tues night, so I'll either be depressed by myself or have to wait to tell him.


krissy2006 - January 24

Nope not gonna tell you. What is the designated dpo for testing ladies... everyone is confusing me!!!! Let me know and when I am that dpo I'll let you know but then everyone else has to do the same dpo kee dokees??


layni - January 24

OKAY- FINE!!!!!!!!!!! EVERYONE TEST WHEN YOU WANT- But keep your reults to yourself until 12dpo- unless its BFP!! Then you can tell us!! So in other words, test away- just don't tell us, that you even did- unless it's BFP!! Does that work for everyone? GEESH!! HEHE**** XOXO



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