Who Wants To Wait With Me May 25th

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kelly - May 18

Who wants to wait with me? AF is expected on the 25th...


Lana - May 18

Hey, I'll wait with you. My AF isn't due until 21-23. My AF varies from month to month like every 24-26 days. So what kind of symptoms are you having?


Halie - May 18

I would be glad to wait with you. M y AF is due the 22. I have been really hot since Sunday & my BBT has been 98.2 or higher. I have also had a pulling feeling on Sunday night & Monday morning. I have had more like a very dull hard to tell cramps every now & again. So what symptoms have you expirenced so far?


Lana - May 18

Its been all crazy...It all started off with like this lotiony white cm and it creeped me out. Then my bb hurt like crazy. It was way too soon for it hurt before AF. And I also have lower back pain and tiredness like you wouldn't believe. I shouldnt be sleepy because i get enough sleep but it just feels like i havent slept in days. I really want to have a baby and its kiliing me on the inside. Espically when i see all these girls walking around pregnant, or just hearing about someone who "accidently" got pregnant and want to abort it. It drives me nuts! My biggest thing was I found out my cousin is pregnant. I should be so happy for her, but this is the worst jealous rage i have ever felt. Dont get me wrong i love my cousin, but I just feel like someone is punishing me.


steph - May 18

Hello there! I'm going to be testing around the 23rd. every single digit i have will be crossed lol x x x Think I may have to go to bed now as it's just gone midnight..this site is just tremendous though


~kat~ - May 18

hi kelly,af is also due 25th.how long have you been ttc?


jen - May 18

i will wait with you too. my af is due on the 23rd. let's wait together.


karen - May 18

I'll wait with you too! I think the 25th is when I'll take my test. I've already taken 2 that were BFN. I know I took them too early--I just couldn't help but think maybe there is a trace of hormone that might show. It's hard to know the date it's really supposed to start because it varies, but it helps to know there are so many other people waiting at the same time! I have had a few grayish clots today though, which worries me.


kelly - May 18

This is my third month trying. Now I'm getting a little worried because I'm wondering if i ovulated late (today). I thought I ovulated around the 14th because of ewcm, but now I also have ewcm today along with a weird kind of pain below my hip bone. It felt as though something was putting pressure on there. Maybe its implanation. I don't know. =( Isn't it too late to ovulate now since I'm due on the 25th?


kelly - May 18

Thanks for waiting with me!!!


Tracy - May 18

I'll wait with you too. I think I ovulated on the 14th. Lots of ewcm. Temp changed from 96.5 to 97.2 in one day. Now it is running at about 98.1. I think my AF will be due on the 25th or 26th as my luteal phase is usually 12-13 days. I have had mild cramping since 3-4DPO. I have felt tired since Monday and sore bb. I will wait with you guys. I have been waiting to ovulate for 2-3 years and now I think it has happened finally! Long story...


JenniferB - May 19

Mine is due the 23rd. I wasn't trying to have another baby but I think I will be dissapointed if I am not. I have had so many symptoms I have talked myself into believing that I am. Here I am wishing for another baby and it is 3am and I am sitting up with my little buddly because he fell asleep too early last night. Am I nuts? lol Good luck ladies. I will check back to see everyone's results and let you know how I made out. :0)


chisom - May 19

Halie keep me posted by 22/05/2005 on [email protected] Losts of Baby Dust


Shay - May 19

I'd love to wait with you guys. I'm not sure I'm up for another disappointment this month, as this is our 8th month of TTC. AF should be due sometime next week. She never comes right on schedule, so 5/23 would be 28 days. I figure she should be here somewhere between 5/23-5/25. I had sore bb's yesterday & the day before, cramping along with those, lotiony cm mixed w/ a tiny bit of what appeared to be ewcm yesterday evening (sorry, I know TMI). I have never charted temps but did this a.m. and got 98.5. Based on my weird CM patterns and cycles, it's become almost impossible for me to pinpoint days of ovulation or my exact luteal phase. I'm becoming obsessed with figuring it all out I think. But, my husband and I desperately want a little brother or sister for our 6 year old daughter. Hopefully we can all be of encouragement and support to one another! Lots and lots of baby dust and prayers!


Shay - May 19

sorry, meant to say I started charting temps this a.m.


Nicole - May 19

Hey ladies! I'll wait with all of you too! My af is due anywhere from 5/21-5/23. It fluxuates a few days each month. bbs are sore.. few headaches..and a little cranky.. but could be af coming.. hope not!


doxtator - May 19

Hey I'll wait. My AF suppose to start May 29, hopefully it doesn't come



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