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Steph - November 6

I finally got my BFP after six months of ttc!!!!! :o)


congrats! - November 6

that is great news! What dpo did you test positive and what were your first symptoms, if u don't mind me asking. thanks and congratulations again!


Nissa - November 6

Yes, Steph, what were your early symptoms if any and how late were you before you tested....CONGRATS!!!!


staci - November 6

congratulations! wonderful news!


GoriBili - November 6

I got BFP with $Tree test strips....hip hip hurraay.............$$$$ Baby Dust $$$ to all waiting. GoriBilli


Steph - November 6

Thanks so much!! I tested today, one day late for my period and I am on 32-35 day cycles. I have not felt any nausea at all except for one morning last week. My b___bs really starting hurting on the sides and were quite tender to the touch. I also had slight cramping a week ago and a__sumed that my af was on her way. Also, I had kind of watery cm and my cervix would change from high to low but was almost always pretty soft, and wet...(tmi, sorry). I hope this helps!! Thanks so much again for the congrats, and congrats to you GoriBili as well!! My positive was with a dollar store test as well, and it came up positive within 15-30 seconds. I have taken them before in previous months and always had bfn's with them obvioulsy because I was not pregnant so it was sooo weird to see a second line on one of them!! :o) I have not been pregnant in 8 years so this is going to be sooo weird!!


Naysa - November 6

Congrats Steph and GoriBili!!!I am soo happy for you guys.Did you do anything different this month??


Steph - November 6

Honeslty nothing that I can think of was different. I really tried to not pay too much attention to when I was ovulating so I didn't stress myself out. But I did make point to bd right around the time that I was. :o)


Q - November 7

Congratulations!!!! I'm so happy for you! It's so exciting to read a positive hpt :)


GoriBilli - November 7

My dear Advice to all, keep a pillow belowyour b___tocks for 30 minus minimum... it should help a lot one of my few tips.... cheers babydust toall.



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