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LeAnnA - June 10

The first day of my last period was the 2nd of April. I have taken 3 preg test, right after I missed my period in May and then again before I went to visit family and then agian one last time about a week ago. All three have said no. WELL.... my br___t have been sore for the past month, every day is different but usually days are like today, extreamly painful. My moods...OMG....I can barely tolerate my self, I feel so bad for my boyfriend. and I just cry over almost nothing. I have no and I mean NO symptoms of starting my period, my boyfriend says that my body puts off a different smell about three days before my period and he has been sniff'n and no period smells.... Over the counter tests are usually right on...right??? What else could it be?? If anyone has any suggestions to my problems.....you wouold be such a blessing. Thanks


ellierich - June 10

i know the feeling.. today was my parents grand opening...and i totally started crying for no apparent reason... my boyfriend was like why are you crying??!!! i said i don't know... and i to have taken tests two actually and both coming up negative... i don't think my body has produced enough hCG hormones.. but i have an appointment next weekend at the clinic you should make one too... ellie


LeAnnA - June 10

Yea my boyfriend last night just sat up trying to figure everything out. I have cried today because my b___bs are so sore. I promised him a blood test on Monday. Still you would think that eventually something would show. Honestly i don't know what i would do, i mean i would keep the child but i would have to do so much on my own. it would really be hard thats all, so some part of me would be happy to not be pregnant, and then the other part would be sad. i was placed in a very violent situation 3 years ago that created an unwanted child. and because of that i had to make a decision as to keep the child..... and now because of the decision i made i feel God would never bless me with another child. So my boyfriend is upset with me because i am scared to test to see for sure if i'm pregnant. because i just know it will say no. usually my period always shows up...


Grandpa Viv - June 10

On some rare occasions women do not get a positive hCG test until 10 weeks. If you have reason to think your contraception in mid April was faulty, you may yet get a positive. The other possibility is that you have a cyst that is putting out hormones that are messing with your cycle and signs. An ultrasound would decide which in a hurry. Good luck!


tish - June 11

leaanna, i just wanted to say that i think a blood test would be a good idea, but try not to get too worried. either way, stressing about it will not do you any good. i hope for the best for you. keep us posted. big hug



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