WHY HOW Is It Possible To Get A Late BFP

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patrizia - June 13

i have read that some people did not knew they were pregnant until very late 8-10-12 weeks . how is that psssible? did all the hpt come out negative ? were you still getting a weird af ? and how did you find out that you were pregnant ? how often were you testing ? thanks.


tgirl - June 15

I would like to know also! I am praying I could be right now and have all the symptoms!! Good luck!


oz - June 16

Yes it is possible to get neg HPT when preg. its all to do with your HCG level. If its low it doesnt always show up on HPTs Different brands of HPTs have different sensitivtiy levels so it depends on the test you take and when you take it. Most people will get a positive test shortly after a missed period however the odd person wont get a positive test until they are a few weeks late or some even need a blood test to confirm it.


Lin - June 16

Don't count on it, patrizia. This forum is a very biased sample, and it's nowhere near as common as it may seem on this site.


Pearlflower - June 16

patrizia...I was nearly 14 weeks along with my first before I got it confirmed. I had 2 "periods" that were light, but still there, so I didn't really question anything. I didn't want to get my hopes up, so I didn't bother testing...Plus, we had just started trying, so I thought maybe it was just doing the dance with my hubby more often that was causing it. I went to the doctor after my pants started fitting funny and told him about the light bleeding and the swelling in the tummy. He gave me a blood test and 20 minutes later I knew. I guess I was just too scared to test so I took care of myself and hoped for the best. The thing about being pregnant is that I knew somewhere inside me, but didn't have proof yet. It was strange because I never made a big announcement at work. It wasn't until 7 months that I showed. I now have a smart, healthy 5 1/2 year old daughter.



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