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Sunny - August 14

why cant anyone help me, i have posted so many times and no one will say or help me with anything. my name is sunny and my story is under 16/normal period but light and very short. are you supossed to have these weird fluttering feelins and have back pain and sleep a lot. i had this period or what i thought was my period where it only lasted three days and was so light i barley needed a pantie liner. i think it happend befor i was suppossed start my real period too. my boyfriend and i had s_x three or four times a day for four days and he c_med in side of me almost everytime. the last day that we had any s_x i took a pregnancy test the next day and it came out neg, then i took another one two days later that came out neg, that same day i started to spot or what i thought was my period, it only lasted three days and was extremely light in which normally when i have my period it lasts and exact 7 days and is heavy till the last 2 days. i never have cramps but this time i had extreme cramps. then i threw up one day three times. i havent thrown up again but sometimes i get this nauseating feeling but then it goes away. i crave food one minute and the next minute when i see it i want to throw up. i have been peeing a lot lately and had some back aches here and there through out the day. i have also been getting hot flashes during the day. i have another pregnancy test to take but i dpnt want to take it just for it to come out neg again. i just have this feeling that i am pregnant, i know my body and when something is happening to it. why do the tests keep coming out neg???? somebody please help me!!!!! i am just scared. i want to tell my boyfriend because he is wanting a kid and so ami but i have to make sure first. please just help!!!


mc - August 12

okay...beings that he came in you so many times for so many days you have a high chance being pregnant especially if it was among your fertile days. also nausea is a sign of pregnancy and so is back pain. but i would definitely wait a week from your last testing to test again or wait a week from when your real period was due, as your hcg level may not be high enough. try to find a free clinic in your area to reduce the cost of hpt's if possible, and they are done by nurses so they are hardly ever wrong. just one more thing, i'm not trying to lecture you at ALL but i'm just wondering why you want a kid at the age of 16 when you are just one yourself. you have so much to live for...the rest of high school, new bf's, college. just think about it i guess. but whatever happens good luck and post any new information as it becomes available :)


mini - August 12

hi there i would do another pregnancy test and what ever the outcome go to the docters. it sounds like you may well be but i know that you dont want to get your hopes up. i really wish the best of luck and let me no what happens


sunny - August 12

well i just took another one and it came out negative again, i dont know what to do, do i just wait and see if i satrt getting bigger> do the free clinics give you free blood tests or do you have to go to the doctor for that? please let me know because i will probably take another test in a couple weeks,.


Gemma - August 12

It might be because your post is too long. If a post is quite long I tend to not bother reading it. If you keep it short and to the point people are more likely to respond.


mc - August 12

free clinics only do urine tests but are very accurate. wait another week to test again!


sophie - August 13

i am not a doctor but i have had the same happen and i have looked that up .first your taking the test to early.second if you know your body really well and you have a gut feeling something up go to the dr.


sunny - August 14

so were you pregnant? well now my b___sts are starting to hurt more and more and yesterday i all of a sudden got really tired around two o clock and went to bed but i felt so sick and felt like i was going to throw up and i had hot flashes.



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