Why Am I Late

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smore - October 24

Ok thise question seems to be going around alot but mine is kinda different. I stoped taking my birht control at the end of my last period because i messed it up really bad and ended up having my period for about three weeks. Well my husband and I thought we might start trying as long as i stopped my pills. Well i am know 5 days late and i took a early pregnancy test at 3 days late and i was neg. But know i still have signs that i might be but i am not sure becasue i know u can skip your period for up to three months after you stop your pill. I was just wondering if any one can help me it would be great.


E - October 24

I would call the doctor's office and explain this to them. Let them know that you need a sensitive blood pregnancy test b/c your period is so irregular and you will have no way of knowing if you are pregnant. HPT can give false negatives as I am sure you have read. I would start a prenatal vitamin or a folic acid vitamin just to be on the safe side. The neural tube closes by the 6th week of pregnancy and folic acid will help to prevent a neural tube defect. Good luck:)


Nick - October 25

I have been off of the pill for three months and thought I was pregnant all three months. It turns out that I am just not used to feeling all the changes in my body after being on the pill for 10 years. From now on I am going to wait for some real strong signs!(I am taking prenatal vitamans just in case.


smore - October 27

I have another question, ok i started my period today, which is ok but if was longer then a 28 day cycle like i normally have. Do you think my cycle is longer now that i am off of the pill or was it just a fluke because my last period lasted 3 weeks. I'm trying to figure out when i will ovulate next. Just wondering if some one can help. Thank smore


Nick - October 28

When I went off the pill three months ago, my cycle went from 25 days to 31 days. My friend went off the pill two years ago and her cycle increased by a few days as well. Do you remember how long your cycles were before you went on the pill?


smore - October 28

No i have been on the pill since i was 15 years old, i am know 22 so that was along time ago. i just know that i was put on the pill because my cycles were off and on and i was showing sings of a hormon inbalance like my mother had. i know it might take me along time to get pregnant because it took my mom 7 years to get pregnant, that is why i am trying to figure things out and start early.



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