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ali - May 9

I am a mommy of a nearly 8yr old boy, and i was quite young when i had him, plus i had no problems getting pregnent. I am now ttc for the last 6 months and so far nothing!!! i am feeling very sad about it and waiting for af every month is becoming a nightmare, i am waiting for the 15th of this month and i can kind of tell af is comming. can any one else relate?


Me2 - May 9

I can relate to you...I am a momy of an almost 10 yr old boy and I just got married last year and we want a child. I stopped taking the pill in March of 04. I wasn't really tracking the time of ovulation since I never had to before cuz it just happened with no problem and now that I want it it is not doing a thing. I about lost my ever loving mind last week when I found out my sis-in-law (Wench) was pg. But I woke up today with a better att_tude. If it does not happen this month I think the dr.s will be tired of me bugging to do something...lol....Good luck to you.


ali - May 9

I no where your comming from, nearly every one i no is either pregnant or is just after having a baby, i just want the 1 and thats it. I havent gone to a doctor yet, have you?


ld - May 9

I'm in the same boat as you girls. I have a 10 & 6 yr old girls from a previous relationship and my husband has 8 yr old twin daughters from a previous relationship. We have been trying for 1 yr and nothing is happening. We have a full house as it is but we want to have a least one child together. I' really statrting get upset with not being able to get pg. Everyone keeps telling it will happen just don't think about it. It's harder to do than to say. We can't afford to take fertility drugs right now because we have other bills to pay, maybe in the near future. thanks girls for listening to me.


MD - May 9

Your fertility goes way down year by year, not to depress, but you are soo fertile when you are young, but once you hit late 20s and early 30's, the fertility rates just plummet. It's just harder when you get older.......but it's not impossible! Just harder.


Grandpa Viv - May 9

There is a chart on ivillage.com that shows ttc success at 75% in six months in the early 20s, down to 40% in the early 30s. But the twelve month chances are not that far apart. Y'all go to fertilityfriend.com and start charting and you will be surprised at the results. There was a 36 year old here who got pg after only 2 months once she understood what it was she was supposed to be looking for. Good luck!


ali - May 9

Hey girls we must try that charting thing grandpa viv always gives out good advice, thank you!!! ill need a week off to understand everything that you have to do though ha ha.


stacey - May 9

If you want to chart, a good book to look at is: Taking Charge of your Fertility. I am quite frustrated at this point: I chart temps, bought the Clear Blue Monitor, and nothing...I don't even think I am ovulating this month. I was pregnant in Dec- 2nd month of trying, had a m/c end of Jan and now can't get pregnant again. It's so so frustrating!!! I get very sad :(


Discovery - May 10

I have been trying for 4 months to get pregnant and still nothing. I know how you feel but just be comforted by this only 25%of all couples who try monthly get pregnant.



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