Why Do I Keep Crying

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hayley - November 21

it is too early to take a pt but ive got a lot of symtoms, the main one is that i keep crying for no reason and im gettin very hormonal, please help


Sparkles - November 21

Haha you could just be getting ready to start your period.


jenny - November 21

Sparkles, your "haha" is a little nasty.


jenny - November 21

hayley- I am actually trying to get pregnant and it is also too early for me to take a test. I have been very hormonal too (my husband noticed and asked what's up). I'm hoping it's an early symptom too!


haylea - November 21

sparkles i just asked for a bit of support, if i wanted sarcasm i would have gone some where else. this forum is for support not b___hing over peoples problems, thanks for nothing!!!!!


Audrey - November 21

Hayley- Being "hormonal" and getting mood swings like that is normal whether you are pregnant or expecting a period. To help determine if you are pregnant, remember if you had unprotected s_x on days 10-16 of your cycle (day 1 being the first day of your period). A test will not show any result until around the time you expect your next period. Best of luck!


hayley - November 21

i am not due a period for 2 wks, i have been trying for a baby and had s_x all over the ovulation time, ive also got very tender nipples and my whole b___sts feel solid


jenny - November 21

What day is your period supposed to arrive? Mine is supposed to start on Nov 30th. My only other symptom has been some twinges/twitching in my abdomen and heartburn (which I think is probably caused by some junk food I ate this weekend.)


bump - November 21



Silver - November 22

me too. i cry a lot for no reason at all. my hubby asks me all the time what's wrong. and everytime he asks me that, i cry all the more! days later, i found out that i'm PREGGO! :-)


haylea - November 22

my period is due november 30 aswell. i really hope i am. thank you all for your help. i suppose ive just got to wait now. jenny let me know what happens, good luck


Hayley - November 22

From the symptoms you describe it's likely that you are pregnant. Start taking vitamins containing 0.4 mg folic acid just in case, and try to relax a bit.



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