Why Do People Have To Be So Rude

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Really Tired of Rudeness - May 19

You know I came to this site, hoping for some answers and maybe some advice, for the most part there have been alot of friendly people.. then you get some of these ppl that seem to need a pair of pliers to get that bug outta their BUTTS!!! I am sorry if some things seem to annoy you.. I am sorry your having a bad day.. I am sorry the world isnt working well for you on any particular day.. BUT WHAT DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH ANY OF US???? NOTHING.. If the questions annoy you soooo much, ignore them and move on.. is it really nessessary to be so rude and mean?? NO.... Did it ever occure to you that maybe, maybe some of these.. "am I pregnant" questions are coming from women who has either a:) NEVER BEEN PREGNANT b:) scared and hoping for some advise from woman who have been pregnant... No instead you feel the need to be downright mean and rude... maybe you should take a time out and regroup... especially before you come on here.. we dont want you to get annoyed again................ Oh and by the way HAVE A GREAT :) DAY


enough - May 19

Please stop these types of posts. That is not what this forum is for. If you think someone has been rude, ignore them. Too many hor-mones about, that is what I say. But, really, this post is not going to help anything.


Ironic - May 19

to Really tired of rudeness. Definition of Irony: complaining about the complainers.............hmmmm.........


** - May 19

nice to know you all got my point.. I had NO INTENTIONS OF RESPONDING TO ANYTHING OR STARTING ANYTHING.. I was merely making a friggin comment.. and to ironic.. hmmm maybe you are one of those who complain about repeated questions!! to enough: corroect


to *** - May 19

I've actually never complained about a repeated question and answer MANY MANY questions on this board, was doing as you were, simply making a comment, but thanks for being so judgemental.



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