Why Is It Still Negative

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ivy_recto - February 2

hey guys...thanks for answering my question and i do really appreciate it...i have one more question...why is it still negative in hpt's for almost one and a half monts delayed if its possible that i'm pregnant?...can i do that blood test at home?...and how?...or do i need to go to my doctor?...besides...i dont have any discharge or spotting...the most abnormality that i have now is that being so sleepy for the whole day...my br___t is painful...so i hope guys you can help me to anwer those questions in my mind...


Amber - February 2

hi Ivy, Have you gone to your doctor yet? Youve missed one period then? it may be that you just didnt ovulate that month. And yes you have to go to your doc to get a blood test done. Im 6 days late for my period and did my first HPT at the doc today which he said was negative but that he wanted me to come in for another test in a week. I had no spotting either, no cramps, my b___sts are fine to and the only thing Ive noticed are my constant headaches and sleepiness. I advise you to go to your doc soon and ask him for a blood test. Once you hear the results from that youll know for sure whether youre pregnant or not. If the blood test comes back negative just consider whats happened to you recently b/c I know stress or even a change in your life can cause a delayed or even missed period....its the hormones ...sooo delicate


mblevins - February 3

Amber I am in the same boat as you. Constance heads and being tired. I get alittle sick in the tummy ever noe and then and my b___st seem a bit bigger. I am retesting 2-11-06. I took one home test. I beleive I tested to early and I can't stand anouther let down so I am going to paste my self.


krissy - February 3

amber not trying to be mean or a know it all but just becuase a person doesnt ovulate doesnt mean you wont have a period just means you didnt relese an egg you should still have a peroid but yes stress or a major change in your life can make you miss your period or a change in birth control like just starting it or just going off it but if your period doesnt come soon then yes you should go to your doctor. hope that helps


linds99 - February 3

Krissi is right, actually, if you didn't ovulate, your period may be longer, redder than previously. But the shedding of the uterus still occurs despite non-ovulation. I took a test last weeknd (my cycles are usually 33-35 days long) and it came out negative. But I still have no period either. I am on cycle day 42 (last time had period of December 23), I scheduled an appointment with doctor for tomorrow morning. You are probably like me Ivy, and ovulate later than you think...you may have just had implantation bleeding...and HCG hormones sometimes don't show up until 5-6-7 weeks.



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