Why Is The Wait So Hard

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mtnlass - May 2

It's been 16 months and 13 cycles and every month this just keeps getting harder and harder. I'm on cd 37 and I think I finally O'd on cd 35, need one more high temp before FF will give a date. As always I'm hoping this is the month, two weeks to go before we know. I wish I was ignorant about what goes on but that ended 13 months ago. My husband and I have two children so at one time we worked. I'm still hoping we do. We didn't have to try with them and I was so hoping we wouldn't have to with the next. My husband keeps saying that is the problem. Compared to others I'm not doing anything, just checking cm and temp. I am so hoping this is my month. I hope everyone gets their BFP very soon because the wait is awful!


tish - May 2

i hear you mtnla__s, 13 months of this is wearing on me. my daughter was a complete fluke and i thought it would be so easy for us to get pregnant again, but it is proving to be a long, stressful, emotional road. i am on cd32, 12dpo.


staci - May 2

Yes it does get harder and harder.. I thought by now I'd have a care free att_tude about this, but nope, I still cry and feel like a complete failure every time af shows...I've been trying for 12 months...Don't worry, one day we will be on here announcing our BFP's! And gosh, O'ing on cd35, I'm sorry you've had to wait so long this cycle! Hoping you did it this month! same for you tish! good luck


linds99 - May 2

mtnla__s- I hear you loud and clear. We've been trying for seven months and I am done...I made an appointment with a fertility specialist. I realized I don't want to waste any more time temping, etc. and I need to find out the reason why it isn't happening...(I have a monitor too) and just feel that this is all becoming ridiculous, especially since we are bd'ing on the appropriate days on and before I get the egg/temp increase plus after. You are lucky you have one, I have none right now and I am wondering If I'll ever have at least one. So, I just decided to put this in full-speed and see a specialist who can do a diagnostic. I must say it is sooooo hard to wait, especially when your cycles are that long. I ovulate on cycle day 24 sometimes, it p__ses me off.


mtnla__s - May 2

I am so thankful that I found this site. It has been so nice to vent to others who feel your pain. My husband will not get tested again, once was enough. I know I have many problems but they didn't effect the other two so I was hoping it wouldn't be a problem now. We'll see. I only have till Sept so I'm hoping this is the month. I feel positive but unfortunely that doesn't get you PG!



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