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unwanted - February 12

im nly 13, i have irregular perids. i didnt want to, but two months ago i had s_x. it slike, im soo stressed about it, and i think bim pregnant. i havent had a period since and i have been so sick. impretending its the flu, the sickness lasts all day. i have crampos everywhere and just feel wierd.


unwanted - February 12

when i say i didnt want t, i ean it, i didnt want to., yu try having a strng guy hld you down and see hw easy it is to get away.


JANET - February 12



unwanted - February 12

i would if i knew who it was. this is why i haenttold my mum, she'd react just like you


Grandpa Viv - February 12

If you want to talk privately I get mail at [email protected]


janet - February 12

im not argueing with you ....im disgusted...you knew who it was....dont make excuses...get to the doctor,,if you were truly raped then you would have done something about it!!!!


Jenn - February 12

If you're saying that a guy held you down then you didn't have s_x you were raped. I can understand that you are scared but you need to go to your parents, a teacher, someone and let them know what happened to you. Coming on the internet for advice like this won't solve the problem. If what you're saying really happened then report it..no man shoudl get away with rape. And if you are pregnant...you need other people involved. There are people that can help you. You need to take a pregnancy test and get yourself some help.


unwanted - February 12

im just s scared, i dont even wanna be here nw, t sees liuke everything is just going wrng and that im just messed up! what am i ding!


sam - February 12

Whatever may or may not have happened its to late now so i suggest you sit down with your mum and tell her everything sure she weill be upset but she loves u and will help you so as yourold enough to be getting yourself into situations like this your old enough to sit ya mum down and tell her the truth! And you should have gone to the police and stopped this man from doing what he did to you to someone else. TELL YOUR MUM!


Jenn - February 12

how do you not know who it was??? What situation were you in where someone you didn't know could do this??? one way or another your responsibility is to you now and if you are pregnant to your child....you need to take some sort of action.


unwanted - February 12

i just want it to go awa. if i ignore it it should go away.. i was walking hoe frm school in a park and was just grabbed, felt like i was hit, and i wrused t a guy ntop of me. i dont want t have a child at my age, im still a child. my u would make me keep it if i am preggie, and i dont want it.


Jenn - February 12

You need to tell someone about this...can you not see why you need to tell someone??? If that is what happened this is not your fault...I know that you didn't ask for this...but we're also a__suming that you're pregnant. Couldn't it be possible that you period is late because of the stress you've been under because of the rape??? I think first things first you need yo find out if in fact you are pregnant. If you are then deal with that. If you're not then deal with that fact that you're a little girl and you were raped. This person needs to be caught. You're gonna need someone to help you heal and get you through this.I know that you are scared but ignoring it won't make it go away.


SugarPie - February 12

OMG. The child was obviously raped and a handful of you are being so incredibly abusive and downright horrid! May you never be put in the position that this child was placed in. WTF is wrong with you guys?!!! Are your hormones so out of whack that you're abusing someone for being raped?!!! THINK PEOPLE!


kat - February 12

i agree with sugarpie,my advice is tell your mum you were raped,you need to talk to someone,you cant deal with this on your own.


Little Helpful - February 12

Hi honey, I am so sorry to hear what happend to you. But I really think that your mom will understand, or try talking to someone: close family friends, teacher, counseler or even the pastor if you go to church. SOME ONE WILL UNDERSTAND. Honey dont take it personally from these STUPID PEOPLE who think they are adults, but have nothing to do with it and just YELL at poor 13 year old who was raped. I can not stand this. DEAR MEAN PEOPLE get out of these forums and dont ever come back if you dont know how to help a person. If this girl is here it means she needs help with her problem, not FREAKEN OPINION.... I am so tired of these kind of "helpful people" What if it was a child of your own? Or what if it was you? How would you feel? Where would you go???? Why do you even come and stay on these forums? People come here to ask a question because they may be in pain, tired emotionally and just need someone to listen and understand. COME ON, if you think you are really smart adults than act like ONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dear "unwanted" May God bless you and help you in your tough situation. I will pray for you :) Talk to you later :)


tiffani - February 12

What can we do to help you with this?


to unwanted - February 12

i know how u feel with being scared ive been in that kind position myself so i totaly understand plz do something , talk to someone the longer u dont tell someone the longer it will hurt u if u talk to someone u may feel better and then they can give u the help u need plz let us all know if u do talk with with someone or even take a test i know myself i would let to try and help u in some way even if its just helping u talk about it plz keep in touch *hugs*



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