Why No LH Surge Line

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missing line - February 25

I have had faint lines for 6 days on my OPK, but no line that is equal to or darker than the control line! Am I not ovulating this month?


mulgajill - February 25

how long ago was your period... and how long is your cycle? I think you are meant to start with the tests about 18 days before your next period is due... and ovulation may not occur EVERY month...


Mary - February 25

I tried the tests for the second time (I have irregular periods, But been on Metformin to regulate them, seems to be working so far) but anyway the first time I tried them the lines were always one lighter than the other, but this month I tried them again and I Both the lines were the same color, but the day before it was lighter and also the day after so I think I was ovulatingand My af is due tommorrow.


~m~ - February 25

I'm not sure the line will ALWAYS be equal to or darker than the control line. My tip is: even though the box might say not to compare them each day, but I ALWAYS kept every one I took, starting the day my period ended. Therefore, when it started to get even the least bit darker, I would see it coming. And even if it never got what I would call super bright, at least it would get darker and that is some kind of surge. Good luck!


missing line - February 25

I am hoping you are right.... it has been faint for a few days. I am on a 39 day cycle and I should have had the surge today. :( I am worried that I am just not ovultaing this month


Schyler - February 26

what does LH mean?


missing line - February 26

it's some technical name for a hormone surge that you get about 24-48 hours after you ovulate. It shows up on a ovulation predictor test (similar to pregnancy test). I got mine today - cycle day 28 - guess I am having yet another Loooooooong cycle.


harlex - February 26

Try the new Ovulation Test kits that give you a Smile Face when you surge. This is my second pregnancy and we get pregnant via IUI procedure and the first time I used the kits with the lines and it took two tries. This last time I used the ones with the Smile Face and we were able to get pregnant our first try. Clear Blue makes them. Good Luck !!!


info... - June 14

missing line, it detects it 24-36 hours before you "O", not 24-48!



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