Why Why Why

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stacey - April 10

AmyF- hilarious!! :)


Francie - April 10

At least Amy F and Liz have some humor. Lighten up people!!!!!


AmyF - April 10

Well, you know- gotta know if I need to add that symptom to my boiling pot you know. Hey- someone should add this as a symptom under the "lingo for newbies" section. We can call it BS


wise old owl - April 10

I seemed to have stirred the pot. Not my intention at all. As I was sure it would happen, some of you took my comments out of context. I used examples to show how feining over every possible symptom can consume your life. Read Sue's reply. She got it completely. And to Livvie sorry it was NOT me who replied to your post.


Liz - April 10

DAMN it Amy F STOP being funnier than me!!! ha ha ha ! The newbies is my thread I think you should defiantely add that and P.I.T.A-paininthea__s!! : ) Keep 'em coming sister!!!!


Liz - April 10

Oh and wise old owl,I am 36, have had a child but just enjoy helping people, meeting women w/ common interests, and gabbing while the pot boils! Great luck and much dust all!!!!!


best - April 10

it is always easier said than done, wise old owl you said LADIES GIVE YOURSELF A BREAK, is it that easy, once you are obssessed you just are, you cannot give yourself a break, it is really difficult to get over with it, you will keep on trying and think about it every month if you hit your ovulation time, instead of saying get over it, tell us how to do that and we all will.....but it is not ea__sy at all...


AmyF - April 10

Actually, I use this post to drive you all crazy with questions so my DH doesn't go insane. :) xxxxxxxxx I think, somewhere.... <music starts playing softly in the background>... somewhere out there is someone experiencing the same thing as me.....


Francie - April 10

Stop being a crab a$$ Owl.


shelly - April 10

I think its really helpful to have other ladies out there to talk to that are going through the same thing.


Maria - April 11

I agree that it is easy to become obsessed with becoming pregnant. And for some women it can consume them completely and be a very bad thing. I don't think however that most of these women here are that obsessed. It is just nice to have a place to go to talk to others about what you are going through, people who are going through the same things. I don't see anything wrong with what we are doing.


hope - April 11

Wise old owl did not say anything about being Obsessed. She said "consume your life" To the kadies that made fun of Owl,Get a life that does not revolve around attacking peoples opinions. The owl said nothing wrong . You all just twisted her or his concern. A Watched pot never boils means have patience.Thank you Owl It needed to be said. I read Growly tummy And Laughed out loud.That pregnant and annoyed lady is a Hoot! No pun intended Wise old owl.


Sarah - April 11

I am a mum of 6 children and am planning to have another.Yes I have had 6 and i do still obsess over having this next one.I can't wait to fall pregnant again as it is such a special time and i Love my chilldren more than anything in this world.So I couldn't imagine not been able to conceive even once and you totally have a right to obsess over getting pregnant.


Little Mee - April 11

I agree with you Sarah :)


faith - April 12

I am not obsessed with having a baby. I just wanted to know have anyone had my symptoms,had neg. tests,and been pregnant or have they had my symptoms and it was something else. I have never had this problem before. I had not been s_xual with anybody for a year before I started having s_x with my partner and than this happens. It is very confusing because people are saying you test negative and still be positive,but the doctors I been to do not see it that way.



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