Wicked FRUSTRATED I Need Help More Insight The Better

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Hailey - March 8

I am on day 25 of my cycle right now...just took a HPT it was neg. I THINK i should get AF in 3 days(March 11)...but since im off the pill i could have a MUCH longer cycle than the almost exact, give or take a day, 28 day birth control cycle....I got my last period feb 11th for 3 days, almost immediately after stoping the pill... This was about a week early...am i gonna just have to wait it out?! I might end up having a 36 days cycle or something close to that...I don't want to keep testing, but once march 11th passes I am gonna get Anxious...any in sight!?


well - March 9

have you tested


caz - March 9

Hailey do you know how close to ov you ttc and therefore how likely you might be pg? Also, I would think if this is only the 1st month after coming off the pill, this cycle may still be 28 days - were your cycles really long b4 you were on the pill? Have you had any symptoms? I would wait till the weekend b4 testing as it's still quite early to get an accurate result. Good luck!


Hailey - March 9

no i have no idea when i ov...bf the pill i was prob about a 28 day cycle...and i have been having symptoms...peeing a lot, moody, dizziness, sleepy, crampy in my stomach, lower tummy feels bloated, losing hair, nails growing faster than normal...


to hailey - March 9

all those symptoms dont come so fast....relax and wait until after AF is supposed to come...just going off the pill will make you feel yucky too....and who knows how long its gonna take before you are regulated again...


kristly - March 9

i agree with "to hailey" your symptoms will not come this soon,,,your probably having symptoms from coming off the pill...sometimes it takes 5 months or longer to get pregnant after the pill...


Hailey - March 9

thanks! but from others i heard you can get pregnant right after going off the pill....i haven't been on it for too long...but if i am pg then i would be almost a month along on the 11th....i've been feeling wierd since my fiance and i had s_x the 17-21st


vanessa - March 9

It's more likely that you're not yet pregnant. Your cycle is going to be a bit off for at least the first month post-pills. The good thing is you get to keep trying... good luck... much *dust* to you!


mulgajill - March 9

took the test.... negative.... though no sign of af, and pmt crampy symptons gone, so i am still in the running... creamy cm... so... who knows????


mulgajill - March 9

haha.... maybe i am pregnant... meant to post the last one on the af due mar 9th thread....



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