Wierd Disscharge Am I Pregnant

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Lil - October 23

My last period was on 9/24. I've been having s_x a lot since 9/29 and we only use the withdrawal method. Lately i've been having nausia, headaches and change of appett_te. Also i've had a strange reddish brown discharge, and when i wipe myself sometimes there is very light blood stains. What does this mean? This does not really look like my period, is it?


Miky - October 23

I am not sure, but I wonder if what you are experiencing could be implantation bleeding? From what I have read on the net this happens about 6 to ten days after conception, and it is when the embrio is starting to imbed itself into the utereris wall. Like I said I am not sure, check your dates. Let us know how you get on. I have had similar bleeding and still not come on, am 8 days late but test says negative, so I could be wrong about the implantation bleeding.


Viv - October 23

Withdrawal is not a method, it's a gamble. You are probably also experiencing other early pregnancy symptoms such as different b___st sensitivity/changes, more frequent urination, tired, ga__sy, smell and taste sensitivities. Wait until a week past when you expected your regular period, then take a home pregnancy test. Good luck!


Jodie - October 27

I will try posting here too. No one is replying. 2 seperate times I went to the bathroom and when I wiped I had 2 strands of a blood clot with no other bleeding,this was yesterday. Now tonight,I went to the bathroom and when I wiped there was little spots of pink stuff. Could this be implantation? I took a test this evening and it was a negative. if it was implantation today would it show a positive on a test today? Thanks...


ash - October 28

jodi, your hormone levels might not be high enough for a test to show right away. when is your period due? the way you've described the "light blood" sounds like it MAY be implantation bleeding. Follow viv's good advice and take an at home test a week after you are late.


Jodie - October 28

I skipped alst months and got a blood test done last fri and it was neg. My next ones not due until the 7th!


Ash - October 28

Are you showing any other pg symptoms, other than the blood clots and "pink stuff"? When you got the blood test, did you ask your doc about what you've been experiencing? The blood clots and pinkish spots, are cla__sic signs of implantation, but I would trust the blood test results.


Lil - October 28

Well Viv and Miky I am going to take a pregnancy test today and I'll let you guys know what the deal was maybe it was implantation bleeding.


kate - November 2

very odd question i know, but have you noticed that your discharge has a slightly different smell. mine has and i think i am pregnant


confused - November 2

hi, I am experiencing sort of the same thing. I went to the doctor and she gave me antibiotics for UTI but is also sending me for an ultrasound. I have some pain in my lower left stomach (ovaries). I also have been vomiting, headaches, fatigue, discharge but not smelly, etc. My doctor suggested I take a pregnancy test first thing tomorrow morning. She said there could also be cysts on my ovaries. I have also been under alot of stress which could lead to alot of pregnancy symptoms. My advice for you is to buy a home pregnancy test and use first thing in the morning. My doctor told me they are just as accurate as the ones they use. I hope this helps a little.


confused - November 2

This is me again, I forget to say that the other day when I wiped there was alot of discharge and it was pinkish in colour...not really red.


Lil - November 3

Well i took a pregnancy test today and it came out negative but i still have not gotten my period and i still get that pinkish disscharge once in a while! What should i do??????????


Josie - November 3

Wait two more weeks then get another test..that's what I did and they second one came out postive.



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