Wierd Vivid Dreams Preg

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Curious - November 9

I have heard and read that when a woman is pregnant she has or can have really vivid dreams. For the past 4-5 days i have been having very clear in depth dreams about my step kids which i have never dreamt of them before that i can remember and also dreams about my past. I am also having what can be typical preg symptoms. I was wondering if this happened to any of you???


amy - November 9

Well last month I had weird vivid dreams of my past (family, boyfiend) and I wasn't pregnant, this month I still don't know if I am but I haven't had any weird dreams yet ecept the weekend I was ovulating I dreamt I was pregnant two nights in a row (very very vivid dreams), dreamt I had a baby girl and I saw my dh hold her for the first time.. anywho, I have also heard that you can have dreams of your past friends and family when you are in the first trimester. How many dpo are you? when is AF due?


curious - November 9

I am about 10 days (give/take) po. My af is due on the 15. I have also been super tired, bbs were tingly yesterday, stomach felt queasy.Oh and one thing that i dont think ive ever had bc of Af coming was shortness of breath. Both times i was just sitting down and my chest got super tight and it was really hard to breathe.


Daisy Jean - November 9

I've had very vivid dreams before (very unusual for me) and wondered if I was pregnant- the dreams were about babies and children- but I wasn't pregnant. Sorry. You never know, though. Good luck.


not me - November 9

I had weird vivid dreams this cycle too and i am not pregant and it was totally different for me to have them. I think it might be all the stress of ttc.


TM - November 9

I am 9 wks pregnant and i have weird and vivid dreams, but they did not start for me until I was about 6 weeks or more along. It maybe because I sleep so much now or that i am more restless at night and wake up often and remember the dreams.


Tina - November 10

Yep, I'd say it's possible. Only cause it happened to me with my first. But you "are" having symptoms. I had none, at all. and it was alittle over a week "before" af. I dreamed my dad "who had been deceased for more than 2 yrs", was looking into a crib, and smiling. I woke up the next day with a "feeling", I tested, and it was+++++. I was flabergasted. So, it is more oossible with you, because you have symptoms along with the dreams. Good luck.


:O) - November 10

hey ladies. I didn't have the dream, but someone I work with told me that she dreamt that I was pregnant and even gave a due date (june 20th) - she has NO idea about my cycle - just that my dh and i are trying. I am expecting no AF Saturday. If I am pg, my due date would probably be sometime in july - end of july...but hey....I could be early...lol. Just hoping too much. What do you girls think? thanks. Good luck to all!!!


Erin - November 10

Hey... my period was a week late, but finally showed. I'm posting here because not only did I have TWO very vivid dreams about pg, but my husband (who never dreams) also had one about me being pg. I had lots of symptoms including a triphasic chart. But sure enough, I'm not pregnant. Good luck to you though!


Chas - November 10

I had a dream this morning about a past boyfriend. It was really weird. Very real. My af is due 2morrow, but no symptoms.



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