Will It Ever End

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ralphie1026 - February 2

been off the pill for 4 months now - 1st month was 2 weeks off, then its been regular since then... now its a freaking week late... tested neg. on wed... it was due wed but didnt come so i figured id test even though it might just be a day late or something because my nipples were sore for 2 days, and after af last month my back hurt. i woke up last night in the middle of the night (dont know why) and had really really weird cramps and SWORE that when i woke up in the am it would have arrived.... i always get cramps for literally 1 minute when my period first starts - thats how i always know the second it gets here.... so i "knew" i got it... but nothing... not even a little. but maybe on monday (? around there) there was one tiny baby spot on my underwear. so im not sure if its just going to be late, or whats going on.... :::sigh::: am i pregnant? am i not? i dont know - the test said neg... so i have no idea what's going on... if my period hadn't regulated after that 1st month i would think that was why... but come on ... sheesh... stupid body of mine!! ok - sorry for the little rant - what do you guys think? i know the DH wouldn't be too happy... he likes his toys too much to be a father


ursula - February 2

I would test in another week if AF doesn't arrive, but I should warn you it does take some women upto 6 months before they have normal cycles after being on the pill. I had very light periods every two weeks for 4 months after the pill. I finally had a full b__wn period on 1/14 and have not had one since. I am hoping I don't have another till at least 28-32 days from now. Good luck!


ralphie1026 - February 3

yea i heard it takes up to 6 months... but i figured since i had 3 normal periods in a row it wouldnt go back to be irregular now


wishfulyounglady - February 3

I'm in the same situation. I went off the pill back in October, and my last period was November right before Thanksgiving. I have not had one since. It's been 2 months! I am also getting "period-like" cramps, but without the period. I am worried, could I be pregnant?


orchidmom - February 3

I guess you might wait for a little while and do another pregnancy.. It commonly happen that the period late after off the pill.. it will take sometime to get back to regular period


ralphie1026 - February 3

i know it takes awhile to get back to normal for some people but i was already back to normal - my body regulated itself already and was back on a normal schedule for 3 months. That's what I'm trying to say... it's weird that it's not normal this month because it has been and i don't think it would revert back to irregular now. hmm - i hate this whole waiting thing! wishful - you havent had one since nov? did you take a test? it might just be going off the pill that's doing it - although some people are more fertile right after getting off it.


sarahd - February 3

I would take another test if I were you - it's possible you ovulated late (which can happen for any number of reasons), or you might just not have had enough hcg built up on wed to show positive. As it's been another few days, take a test and see. Good luck!


ralphie1026 - February 3

thanks. still no AF today... weird cramps still though. b___bs are a little sore, but nothing i would complain about - its more like a 'i can tell they're there' feeling as opposed to them hurting. ill wait a few more days to retest ... maybe the 10th i will... or maybe before that if i can't wait any longer. thanks again everyone



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