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Wendy - January 26

Just wanted to grip since we are all going through the same thing.. hubby and i TTC 4 months and still nothing... fingers crossed for this month but long wait not due for AF until 08th FEB... but just wondering how long everyone on here has been trying and what else can WE do.... GOOD LUCK LADIES


tiffani - January 26

Kind of a dumb question, but are you sure you're having s_x before, during and after ovulation?


Wendy - January 26

Excuse me??????


Tas - January 26

Miss tiffani maybe you should take your negativity somewhere else... not a dumb question Wendy a natural question when people are trying to have a baby.. maybe ovulation kits or i tried pre seed ... waiting for AF not to sure... hehehe..


Wendy - January 26

Thanks Tas.. yep tiffani is not very helpful at all.... and to answer your DUMB question of course i have been having s_x please don't insult me like that


Shannon - January 26

Hi Wendy, Me and my hubby have been trying for 13 months, so I can feel your anxiety. I'm not going to lie and say that it gets any easier, because it doesn't, but I do know that when that day comes for all of us who have been ttc we will be overly blessed! Imagine how wonderful that day will be when we see a positive!!! I can't wait and that is what keeps me going. Just know that you are not alone and that we are here to support each other. Don't give up hope... It will happen one day! P.S. I'm due on the eighth (or around about then) so we should keep each other posted on how things are going!


joni - January 26

wendy i to have been ttc for 4 months this will be 5 if i get period. And for ingnorate people who implie that your not doing somthing right is just wrong but i guess theres one in every bunch. im now 7 days late and hoping for the best so you keep you hopes up to and don't let some people ruin it for you. ****BABY DUST TO YOU****


Wendy - January 26

Thanks guys, I know the wait is horrible, and Joni 7 days late is a GREAT sign... I have a bit of wait to see if the AF fairy arrives, lets hope she doesn't if not, just have to keep trying.. Shannon and Joni let me know how you guys go.... i will do the same.. thanks again for you help and support... cheers


joni - January 26

well wendy i sounds like a good sign but not getting my hopes up. last month i was 2 1/2 weeks late. and not pregnant. Which this is driving me crazy. i have always been regular all my life and now last month and this month i just want to scream. so im not getting to excited plus im to scared to take hpt. afraid os seeing that darn neg. going out of my mind


Wendy - January 26

Oh god that sucks.. I am the same very regular 28 days and never late!! so i can imagine how disappointing it would be 2 a bit wks late and not pregnant... I would automatically a__sume i was.. Well fingers crossed for you this month!!!


joni - January 27

thank you very much wendy. I need all the help i can get. oh just to let you know if you ever want to chat to other people TTC then you can go to www.babycenter.com there are alot of great women there. i go there all the time you can get alot of question answered.


Wendy - January 27

Great thank you Joni appreciate it... hope to talk to you again.


claire - January 27

hi wendy i have two little girls my first i concieved in 4 months, second in 6. i have aways wanted 3 children, so we tried again and i became pregnant in one month as i wasn't really desperate to fall quickly because of the age gaps, unfortunatly our baby died and i had to give birth we had another little girl, this then made me desperate to have another baby so we tried again it took 9 months! and i had another miscarriage at 8 weeks. so here we are again trying it has now been 4 months like you. i'm sorry to give you my morbid story but what i'm trying to say is the more you worry and think about it the longer it takes so try and relax and push the thought out of your mind, as i am trying to do and hopefully we will both make it next month good luck!


Wendy - January 27

Claire sorry to hear about your situation... Good Luck to you and god bless...


QLeO - January 27

Oh my god, I am so sorry Claire. Wendy, this is the 1st month we're ttc. I've just gone off the pill Nov. 04. I've been having cramps in my lower belly and I'm 3 days late, 6 negative htps though. I dont know if af is late because my hormones are going crazy after getting off bc or if i'm pregnant. It's driving me insane not knowing for sure. At least if af comes, we can try again next month. Good luck and baby dust to everyone!!!


Wendy - January 27

Hi QLeo... well 3 days late sounds promising... a friend of mine is now 8 wks, but took a test 5 days after AF was due and came up negative, then took another 2 days later and came up ++++ so you just never know... It's the wait that I find frustrating.. then when i get AF get a little down then OK cause I know can start again... I suppose we all a__sumed it would be easy... Good luck and keep us posted


Shannon - January 27

That is so true Wendy. When Af comes for me I get so depressed wondering whats wrong and all that... and then once my af is gone I get back into the fighting spirit!! It is truly a roller coaster ride of emotions. Has anyone found that they cry at the smallest things now? I can cry at the drop of a hat! It's driving me crazy because it can just hit me.... especially if it has anything to do with a baby... anyone else like that?



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