Will Provera Always Work

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sandra - March 30

I'm a week late, and have been ttc, so when period didn't come and I took a morning test it was negitave, so I went back to bed, and hour later i went to throw it away and noticed that it looked positive, but I disregarded that and thought it was what people call evopration lines. so i got refill on provera and finished it a day ago, it worked well for me last month and now it won't I know if your pregnant it won't work. Any advice out there?? should I test again?


jena - March 30

sorry, i think i'm kind of confused by your question. but i do know that if you looked at your test an hour later, it is no longer accurate (usually after 10 minutes they aren't). i'd test again in a few days... sorry it's not much help - i'm not too familiar with provera :(... good luck!!


hope - March 30

My sister took a pregnancy test and it was negative. She had forgot to throw it away and went to palmsprings for spring break. I had came home from work an dsaw it, it was positive. So I calle dher cell phone and told her and she said that it had to be inaccurate because it sat out for so long. Just yesterday she called me and told me that she went to the clinic out there and they said that she is pregnant. I think that you should test again especially since the provera did not work. Good Luck!


peaches - March 31

I have taken provera and my doctor said if you don't get a period 2 weeks after taking your last pill to call them. I believe it can take up to 10 before you start your period. Hope that helps. Good Luck!!!


peaches - March 31

That should say up to 10 days.


ruby - March 31

does it usually take the whole 10 days to get your period after taking the last provera pill? my last one will be this coming saturday.


K - September 15

I'm kind of in the same situation. I haven't been on my period since July 9 and it is now September 15. Back in August around the 20th I took 2 Pregnancy tests and they were negative. My period has been regular all year up until now. Since the test was negative I decided to go ahead and take my Provera but I have still not come on yet. If I were you I would test again because that's what I'm going to do.



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