Will U Take A Look And Give Me Your Advice

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Hopeful - January 12

Please look at my hpt pic and let me know if u think it's post or neg. It showed in 2-3 minutes. Thanks so much. http://tinypic.com/18i0xs


hope it helps - January 12

what does the pakage say? cause i see 2 lines, so if 2 lines mean prego, then your in luck, i think +. gl


jb - January 12

i would say positive. when is AF due? good luck keep me posted. did you use morning urine or not? if not then do it again first thing in the morning.


crazy - January 12

i think your pregnant. !!!!!!!!


m - January 12

I'll go out on a limb and say definitely. Those are the same tests I have, and girl, that's not even a faint positive, that's a for sure positive! That is, unless the picture is distorting the image. Congrats! By the way, how many dpo are you? And have you already missed a period?


Jay - January 12

DEFINITELY PREGNANT! Congrats girl!!!! That is a positive for sure - my lines were much lighter than that and I am about 9 weeks pregnant now.


Hopeful - January 12

My period was due any where between 8 and 12. I had a super whacky cycle this month. I just am in aww I guess is y i need others opinion. I've been trying for 2 months. I guess i expected it to take longer. Thank for all your help


Hopeful - January 12

O and another question...if my last period was on 12/13 would i b 4 or 5 weeks. All the different web sights are varying between the two


m - January 12

4 weeks, 2 days..... if the FIRST day of your last period was on the 13th. That's the way a doctor would count. I always counted from ovulation, and went by 38 weeks, rather than the 40 that counts back to your period. Because not all of us ovulated exactly 2 weeks after a period. So I used my own system. :o) Good luck!! And Congrats!


Hopeful - January 12

m: thanks for helping me out a bit. Thanks for everyones help. And here's to a healthy and happy pregnancy. ****baby dust****


ekay - January 12

Positive hun!!!!! Those don't EVEN resemble evaporation lines.



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