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Suse35 - February 7

Hi everyone. Hope some of you can help. I'm in my 5th month of TTC and AF is now 2 and half weeks late, with neg HPTs. I had some brown/pink spotting only when I wiped from 7DPO till 11 DPO (1 week before AF was due) and horribly sore nipples around the same time. I also had occasional twinges but no real cramps. Since then, I've had a couple of hot flashes, some feelings of queasiness on and off (which I'm scared I've been imagining!) but not a lot else. The strangest thing is that I'm waiting for a LAP for suspected endo as I've been in almost constant pain for over 6 months - and since 1DPO the pain has miraculously disappeared. I've spent an absolute fortune on HPTs, can barely concentrate on anything else and I'm driving myself up the wall! I thought the TTW was bad enough but this is torture! I rang my docs and they said come back only if I miss my next AF. Here in the UK they won't do a Beta unless you miss 2 periods so I'm stuck waiting. Has anyone out there been in the same boat and if so, what was the result? All advice gratefully received! Thank you! :-)


Suse35 - February 7

sorry - meant TWW!


Suse35 - February 8



Harriet - February 8

Suse, sorry, I can't help, maybe they will do an ultrasound? Try not to get fobbed off & tell them what you want/need. Good luck.


Suse35 - February 8

Thanks Harriet. I guess I'll just have to wait it out though as my docs aren't exactly helpful and said most people skip an AF now and then. Just have to keep testing until either AF comes or I get a BFP. Might have to get a second job to pay for the sodding HPTs.!...:-O


Megs - February 8

Ah, so sorry you're not getting much help from drs... Good luck! The only advice I can give is to test once a week (if you can restrain) until either AF arrives OR you miss another AF and then head to the dr. I know it's a cheap shot, by maybe go to the ER and tell them you think you're preggers but are having pain and demand a blood beta test and/or u/s... ???? Maybe. In the U.S. I've never had a problem with getting a beta even when I told them I wasn't pg! LOL GOod luck sweetie!!! Let us know how it goes.


sarahd - February 8

Do you chart or use opks? Are you sure you didn't just ovulate late?


Suse35 - February 9

Hi Megs and Sarah, and thanks so much for responding. Megs, I tried your idea last week! Great minds think alike! I went to the local women's hospital and they just did a urine test and as it was neg, sent me away with painkillers. They said see my doc if I skip another. Guess my acting skills weren't up to scratch! I've been testing everyday and will just have to keep going till AF crashes the party or I get that elusive BFP! And Sarah - I don't chart but I do use OPKs and just by coincidence I had a transv____al u/s (to check for fibroids etc before going for my LAP) the day I was due to ovulate last month and they could see a ripe follicle just about to pop (their words, not mine!). I also had a positive OPK later that day so I'm as sure as I can be of the date I O'd. Just wondering if any of you happen to know if you just keep on ovulating as normal even after skipping an AF because I used an OPK yesterday (I'm a POAS addict, it's official) and it was very positive? Any ideas ladies?? :-)



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