Withdrawal Method Around Ovulation

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sally - November 30

hi has anyone used the withdrawal method around the time they are ovulating and become pregnant i have a ovulation calender which says im ovulating today and me and my husband had s_x twice last night and both times he pulled out the second time he was nt sure if he pulled out in time now im worried i could end up pregnant


Binx - November 30

Yes, you could get pregnant. The withdrawl method is the WORST method of birth control. Ovulation calendars only give you an ovulation date for the "typical" person. You, however, may ovulate, earlier, on the date, or later. It is not exact. I ended up ovulating about five days after the calendar said I would. Anytime you have unprotected s_x you run the risk of getting pregnant. It only takes one tiny sperm to get you pregnant and sperm are often released in small amounts of prec_m before ejaculation. If you do find out you are pregnant, I hope you will see it as a blessing. You are in a committed, loving relationship and a baby will change everything, but in a good way. If you find out you are not pregnant, you should probably find another form of birth control. Good luck to you!


sally - November 30

thanks for the reply if i do fall pregnant it wont be a major problem i all ready have two children a boy and girl my husbands waiting for a letter from hospital about a vasetomony i came off the pill at the end of sept because it makes me ill and were sick of condoms i know its a risk and it would be just our luck im keeping my fingers crossed if it does happen then it ll be another member of a loving and happy family


Lynnl - November 30

Good luck to you and please let us know th outcome. I just posted because I am a mom of three also using the withdrawal method. I am not trying to get pregnant but not trying to hard not to either, allthough I do not think I can. Anyway everything I have read, withdrawal is a big gamble. If I am meant to have another child I will, if not I wont. I guess that is how to look at with this method!


I did this... - November 30

all the time around O. We didn't care either way because we were going to start ttc in a few months anyway, but I never got pregnant. I did get bfp on first month of trying though, so I wish you luck, and maybe this will make you feel a little better. good luck


sally - December 1

my period is due around 14th december so i'll let you know if it arrives(fingers crossed).


cd3 - February 8

turns out this method did get me pregnant i had 2 weird periods after that missed this months did a test positive i went to see doc the other day due to feeling absolutely awful for over two months and doc tells me i'm 12 weeks maybe more,i had a small gut feeling but the periods threw me a bit so girls watch out if your not trying to get pregnant and if you are go for it ,i had every symptom in the book and sorry i logged in as sally i,m not sally i'm claire



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