Woah Im Confused Now

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beverly - October 19

hi everyone--several months ago, i thought i could possibly be pregnant--I had a blood test at what would have been around 2 months, which came back <2...I had taken several HPTs ( i did not want to be pregnant, i was paranoid!)..Everything had come out negative..My periods were normal and i had no other symptoms.. fast forward to yesterday--i am due for my period on Wednesday..yesterday i noticed a bit of brownish/light pink discharge...Is this just related to me getting my period? I am on the pill, and usually just start my period on the Wednesday--i have never experienced this...it cant be related to pregnancy, correct? My tests were probably back in feb/march..thanks


Beverly - October 19

also, i have not had s_x , so it is not a possibility to just have gotten pregnant now


beverly - October 19

trying again for an answer


E - October 19

It must be b/c you are getting your period, tomorrow correct? Let us know if you do not get it by Friday. Did you get last months period? If so, you must not be pregnant. It is hard to tell someone what is and isn't related to pregnancy with so little information.


Ashley - October 19

Hello everyone. If anyone can help me.. please do.My last period was August 25th, and i've been on time. Me and my boyfriend had s_x on the 18th of september, and i missed my period, so we went to planned parenthood, had a blood test, and it was negative. Now, it's October 19th and i was bleeding for about 3-4 hours today. it was really really light, kinda brown, and now IT"S GONE! I've also had tingling pains in my b___sts. we've had unprotected s_x on the 2nd, 9th, 14, and 16th. If i haven't had a period since August, can i still get pregnant??I know it would probably be hard to figure out when it happened, but I was just wondering what you guys could maybe tell me, this would be my first pregnancy. PLEAAAASE> thank you


E - October 19

Ashley, you need to see a doctor to have another test done if your period does not start. You are quite late and did have s_x around the time when you could have gotten pregnant. It is possible your period is starting and the spotting today was an indication of that.


Ashley - October 19

I'm not sure if my period would be starting because i haven't had one since August 25th. It started today around 2, then it's already gone as of 7 tonight. We are planning on having another test done on the 29th, I am just not certain that i could still get pregnant with not having the period since August 25th.


Beverly - October 20

E--im sorry,, let me try to answre some of your questions...i am supposed to start my period today (wednesday)I did get last months period..all my periods for months have been normal..thats why im thinjking its related to my period....i would a__sume by 7 months into pregnancy i would know? I will let you know if i dont get my period by friday;..thank you


Beverly - October 20

Anyone else have an idea?


beverly - October 20

still havent gotten my period today..just come blood clots....still waiting


beverly - October 21

well i got my period today..its light, but its here..thank you all


Beverly - October 23

i have had my period for the past couple days..it seems normal....so not pregnant..correct?


Viv - October 25

Ashley, if your cycle gets messed up, the next important event is ovulation, followed by menstruation 14 days later. You certainly could have gotten pregnant with all that s_x between the 2nd and the 16th. Your bleeding on the 19th could have been implantation from s_x on the 9th. If you are now getting symptoms of early pregnancy you have good reason to be hopeful.


beverly - October 26

E--My period was more or less normal...i have a regular appointment with my gyno on Tuesday... Like i said, i havent had s_x at all since months ago, so i would be like 6 or 7 months along...i really dont want to be pregnant, so i gues i was just paranoid..I would a__sume by 6 or 7 months i would have more symptoms than a bigger belly :) and no positives on tests at all ...thanks


E - October 26

You would definitely know if you were pregnant at 6-7 months. The baby would be kicking you. You would also have a belly. Glad to hear it turned out the way you want:)



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