Women Testing Over Six Weeks And Still Waiting

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SugarPie - February 17

Like many of you, I've been peeing on sticks for weeks and even had a blood test to find out if I'm preggers or not. As I've been waiting I've been researching the possible reasons why the h__l so many of us have been waiting for weeks and months for an answer. I think I may have come up with a viable reason, but was hoping that you guys could give your seriously honest opinions as to whether or not the following possibility "COULD" apply to you. Mind you, what I'm about to say is being said with great generality. As some of you know serotonin and other chemicals have a major influence on progesterone and estrogen levels. I've been on anti-depressants and finally stopped five months ago to get it out of my system completely. I know that I have a very complex system as far as serotonin goes. I'm wondering that since it takes great serotonin to not only get pregnant, but also to make a pregnancy viable, could it be that the pregnancies aren't showing up for the the lot of us, because as the hormones are released into our systems the hormones are just "balancing" us out (or so the body thinks) rather than registering as "pregnancy". So, basically is the pregnancy hormones acting like a medication (such as anti-depressant) rather than flipping certain switches to let the body know that there's a pregnancy? I've talked with other women I know who went months without knowing and some even had their periods present. Without that "pregnancy" switch flipped, their bodies continued having periods and not showing any sort of hcg in their blood or urine. These women definitely had hormonal and chemical imbalances. So, I guess my question is.. have any of you who are in the same boat as I am (testing for weeks)... have any of you any issues with depression or know of yourselves to have a chemical imbalance whereas you might have benefitted from the use of an anti-depressant? Or even have been on an anti-depressant? And I think that when women (who are in the same position as we area) finally get that + sign it's the body finally balancing itself out and the hormones are so high in our blood that it finally registers. It's the only thing that I can think of as to why hundreds of us are going through the problems of not knowing whether or not we're preggers. We're not related to each other. So it's not genetic based. Either it is food based or enviornmentally based as to why we're going through this torture. I hope I'm making sense here. And if you feel embarrassed to speak of your mental health please don't feel like you have to give your name, as you give your opinion.


hey - February 17

for some reason i agree with you about the chemicals in our body making us the way we are. it is so weird to me how some women will test before their period is due and get a + and others have to wait months to get a +. that is just beyond me.


c - February 17

Well, it does make sense- just in October I was at the dr.s office and he told me I needed to go on Paxil for depression- I refused it and went home- didnt want to risk it since I was trying to get pregnant. Here I am with these symptoms since January.. Ive been thru 2 light and strange periods.. right now Ive got alot of discharge, and backaches- dont know whats going on with my body. I was so convinced I was pregnant.. Im going for a blood test in 2 weeks..


SugarPie - February 17

Exactly! I wasn't avidly "trying" to get pregnant. I know that I'm not crazy. I know the headaches, dizziness, backaches, nausea, b___sts swelling, nipples feeling like they're on fire, the flutters and my belly that has grown (despite that fact that I've lost weight for no reason) isn't in my head! I've been reading that a lot of doctors have been treating PMS with anti-depressants and I've found a slew of research supporting the fact that anti-depressants changes the horrid PMS symptoms and even symptoms of menopause. If that's the case, then why wouldn't it plausible for it to change the effects of pregnancy as well? I simply don't understand how it can take MONTHS for women to find out whether or not they're pregnant. Despite the fact that they've had a slew of blood, urine and even ultra sound tests. Let alone the fact that they have had improper dieting and lack of extra vitamins for the baby. I'm also disgusted with the medical industry solely relying on blood and urine tests to discover pregnancy. To say that a woman isn't pregnant without the presence of hcg in her blood is simply not good enough. Especially when these aren't isolated incidents, but rather an apparent epidemic! I've wondered even the hormones in the genetically modified foods we're consuming. Could that be having an effect? So, perhaps women who are having weeks and months go by before they find out they're indeed preggers.. are they consuming a great amount of dairy and beef products? I have so many questions and it feels as if no one can give any answers. I'm so not looking forward to going to my ob/gyn next week, because I fear he'll find nothing and I'll be forced to defend my symptoms and try to explain how these symptoms aren't in "my head", but rather real. I haven't had a period since late November. I had spotting for a day or so for a week and a half prior to that. WTF haven't I had a period for d__n near three months? Especially when that isn't normal for me? Thanks ladies for listening and responding. And if anyone has anything to add, please don't hesitate! Somehow talking about this feels like there's a bit of an answer somewhere in all of this.


jackie - February 17

hi...I am in the same boat, I just dont have tiime to write a long explanation right now...I have not taken antidepressants, but last month was told that I was suffering from depression. Although i have had my period, and negative HPTs, my stomach is expanding (despite running 5x a week and following a very healthy diet) So i am going today to have a blood test done to find out once and for all. My doctor suggested bloated, but this has never been a problem for me before and it just seems too excessive. I barely fit into my old jeans anymore, and its all in the waist...Well, I will find out today and send my results...THanks for your time and thought, it sure helps me to identify with so many others who are going through what I am goingn through, I have been questioningmy own sanity!


jade - February 17

well ive been for 4 pregnace test and they have all come bak neg im getting all the signs for it and that my doctor said it might be becasue my hormones anit strong enough


sharon - February 17

i was on sertraline for 4 mths,stopped taking them in august.would this affect my results?suffer with mood swings,not sure if its hormonal


Tia - February 17

What hormonal reaction is a sympom of PG?? mood swings?? irritability??? Emotional??? Certain people are buging me so bad at minute im in floods of tears when i think about em!!!


nicole - February 17

I see some spark to your theory, but for it it is in my genes. My mother has a thyroid problems which are often pa__sed down through generations. With my sister, she was 4 months pregnant before she got a positive test. Actually the test did not show positive until after an hour. (It was sitting on the top of the trash can so my dad and everyone could see that it was negative.) After I saw that It was positive, she made a doctors appointment, and it was confirmed! she was pregnant.


nicole - February 17

With my daughter, I did not get a positive until after 8 weeks. I kept going to the clininc every week. Then they finally told me to just come back every two weeks. I knew something was going on with my body, and I was so scared because the tests kept coming up negative, I never for once thought that it had to do with having low hormones. Finally one morning after feeling so bad, I went to the clinic demanding one more test before going to an emergency room(I did not have good insurance). They did not want to give me one but I convinced them, and it came out positive. I have never in my life been so relieved! I thought that I was going crazy! The nurse kind of seemed shocked herself, she gave me an referral to a doctor and years later my two year old is a healthy baby. I missed my cycle but Im going to just keep testing and wait it out, because I can't put up with that drama anymore. I have all the signs except the bad nausea....so wish me luck!


Jackie To Nicole - February 17

Nicole-what kind of symptoms did you have that made you think you were still pregnant? Your experiences might help some of us that are wondering...


nicole - February 17

My nipples were sore sometimes, I had b___terflys in my stomache and I had to move a bowel more often, They were also more soft than usual. I worked at the Edwards movie theatre freshman year of college, and everybody knows popcorn smell so good,even if you like it or not. Well when I would come in to work, the popcorn smell would start to make me sick to my stomach. I always felt like I was hungry, no matter if I just pigged out. and I I could not stand sweets, the smell or anything. I used to always have skittles or something stashed away because of the long work and school hours. But all of a sudden I got sick of my favorite things. Oh and not to mention, I was very tired, not sleepy, just felt like I needed to sit down. Hope that all helps


nicole - February 17

my nipples did not get dark until after I was like 6 months. I had alot of saliva, and had wierd dreams. Everytime I had milk, I would puke, After I gave birth to my daughter, the doc told me that she was lasctose intolerate. crazy huh!


Jackie - February 17

Thanks, Nicole, I really appreciated your input..I should get my blood test results tomorrow and then hopefully I can put my mind at ease one way or another.


Jackie to Nicole - February 17

And good luck to you, BABY DUST!


nicole - February 18

Same here!



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